pictory: Shah Blows Candle on Birthday Cake

pictory: Shah Blows Candle on Birthday Cake
by Darius Kadivar

Shah Celebrates his 47th Birthday in Golestan Palace. Late 1960's. Shahbanou Farah and guests look on.

Below American News Reel coverage of the Shah's 40th Birthday in all Pomp and Circumstance shortly before his official announcement of his third Marriage to the young and yet unknown Farah Diba. (Circa 1959)


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Thanks Mr. Kadivar!

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Such a nice picture and a nice cake ... WOW


Mr. Kadivar do you have a clip of The Shah................

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Mr. Kadivar, Shah or Pahlavi worshipers time has passed long time ago.This is another one of Iranians' habits, we are dead worshipers. When people are alive we do not value them ,but when they are gone it is like the person who passed was our brother . Monarchy type of government in Iran is a thing of the past if that is what you like to see.Also IRI has lasted for over 30 years and is going to be with us for many more years.


oh yes

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It is very delightful.

And you are very correct for writing,"unknown Farah Diba". I promise you even now not only you but also millions of other people still do not know who she trully and really was.