pictory: Shah and Queen of Holland

pictory: Shah and Queen of Holland
by Darius Kadivar

State visit of Shah to the Netherlands as he Escorts Queen Juliana . Year ?


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Darius Kadivar

Tina Jaan, THANKS

by Darius Kadivar on

Truly honored by your kind response. I actually hoped to have your response on this blog that;s why I put up the photo in question.

WOW Thanks for your historical feedback. Very interesting. I think that the Pahlavi Dynasty were quite fond of the North European monarchies like Holland, Denmark and Sweden.

The Shahbanou had translated Hans Christian Anderson's the Little Mirmaid, the National Poet Writer of Denmark your neighbouring country.

I had tried to find a copy on the flee market in France but someone bought it before me.

If you have any interesting photos of the Royal Family on their trips to Holland or European countries don't hesitate to share them for the pictory section. Its always interesting.

Here is to you and the Iranian community in Netherlands and the North European countries.

Warm Regards and stay in touch,


Tina Ehrami

Hi Darius!

by Tina Ehrami on

Thank you so much for your kind response on my blog. It's so cliché to answer a compliment with a compliment, but I'll do it anyway: I always enjoy reading your contributions as well :-)

About this photo you posted here: In my student years I used to be a member of a student association in Leiden, which has a very long and rich history. They have reunions for their members each year, at which I once spoke with a man who told me that during his student years (1960's) he witnessed a visit of Empress Farah Pahlavi to the association (L.S.V. Minerva in Leiden). He said that it was the only time he remembered that there was champaign flowing from the taps instead of beer!

Though I do think this picture you posted dates from an earlier visit, it does show the close ties the Pahlavi's had with The Netherlands. Some old Dutchmen still respect the Pahlavi's greatly for their generous contributions after the horrible floods in The Netherlands in the early 1950's.