pictory: Shah and Farah Rumors of Divorce 1970's

pictory: Shah and Farah Rumors of Divorce 1970's
by Darius Kadivar

French Tabloid "France Dimanche" claims Shah and Farah consider divorce over infidelity of Shah with the Empress's  Best Friend a certain "Homa". The tabloid even claims the Shah has remarried in secret.


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Shah did remarry

by No Royalty Myself! (not verified) on

Salam Mr. Kadivar. The Shah briefly married and divorced an army colonel's beautiful daughter in Tehran in the early 70's. Just as in any other marriage, a husband's falling in love with a young beautiful girl who refused to be the Shah's mistress and hence the hush hush marriage, the story was a heartbreaker for his family because it was different from his other affairs. The fiasco was contained as best as it could be at the time. Her name wasn't Homa and she was too young to be Farah's friend, but since she now lives in Tehran as she has through all these years, it is not a good idea to tell her name.