pictory: Sadat and Shah, An Enduring Friendship


pictory: Sadat and Shah, An Enduring Friendship
by Darius Kadivar

Of All Head's Of State during his lifetime, The Shah's most Staunch and enduring Friend was undoubtably Egypt's President Anwar El Sadat. The two were born on the same day, were politically at Odd's when they first met in the early 1970's but got to appreciate eachothers visions for the Middle East. The Shah was not only to help Egypt during the Six Day War (unlike most of its Arab Neighbours ) by delivering Oil to Egypt while remaining neutral in the conflict that opposed Sadat to Israel. One of the Great and certainly unjustly ignored contributions of the Shah to the Middle East Peace Process was to convince Sadat that Israel could be a useful ally in the region and that Sadat should join the Western Free World rather than be loyal to the Soviets. Sadat was to earn the Nobel Peace Prize in 1977 along with Menachem Begin for accepting the Camp David Peace Accords. An Irony that one of the unknown Architects of this Accord was the Shah of Iran which historians now agree played a major role in making it possible yet taken for granted during his lifetime. A recommended book written by Anwar Sadat entitled Those I have Known published shortly after Sadat's Assassination gives a rare glimpse into the personalities and major actors of the Middle East and World Leaders the Egyptian Raiis was to know. Amongst Them, the Shah, Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, Nasser, Quadafi ( Must Read ), the King of Saudi Arabia, Menachem Begin amongst others. Sadat's Stauch Stance against Khomeiny ( see Video Below ) and support against all odd's for the Shah of Iran made him a Pariah to the fundementalists who ultimately killed him during a spectacular parade in Cairo on October 6th, 1981. The Shahbanou of Iran and Jihan Sadat pay a yearly Tribute to both their Husband's resting place ( read a Queen's Loyalty by DK).

The Shah and Sadat:

Sadat and Shah attend join Egypt Iranian Military exercises on the Persian Gulf:

Sadat on Khomeiny and Islam :

Camp David 1977



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ebi amirhosseini

Sadat's legacy...

by ebi amirhosseini on

peace between Egypt & Israel.

sepaas for sharing.

Darius Kadivar

Yes the photo is from Sa'ad Abad

by Darius Kadivar on

Yes the photo is from Sa'ad Abad Palace or Niavaran I think when the Shah greeted Sadat in 1977 before his departure for Israel and Camp David.



by jamshid on

One of the major circles or streets in Iran should be named after Anvar Sadat. Of course after the fall of the IRI. Let that become another thorn in the eyes of the fundementalists.

By the way, that is a nice picture of Shah and Sadat. It looks like it was taken before shah became ill.