pictory: Reza Pahlavi and wife First Public Appearance with Exiled Iranians (1990's)

pictory: Reza Pahlavi and wife First Public Appearance with Exiled Iranians (1990's)
by Darius Kadivar

Reza Pahlavi and new wife Yasmine Greeted by a Cheering Crowd of Thousands of Exiled Iranians singing "Ey Iran" Antheme at the Sport Arena LA (1990s).

Part I

Part II


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So I add "you are not the boss" and "bug off" to the rest of

by I don't care (not verified) on

your insults. Don't forgt whatever you dish out to other people will be dished out to you. At the end of the day, we will end up eating from the same pot.

Darius Kadivar

I don't care ( I think Ali P Answered you already)

by Darius Kadivar on

You are the one who is not being Fair play so I think we will leave it here.

I'm not interested in justifying my Freedom of Speach. Your Not running this site so Bug Off.

You wasted enough of my time.


My name doesn't matter...What I'm trying to say is more importan

by I don't care (not verified) on

t. I meant I didn't care much about Pahlavi family. I much prefer to see the blogs of a variety of bloggers. But you post so many times per day and their voices are burried under your film clips of Pahlavi family.

You post 10 to 1 when compare with regular bloggers. That's what I said. It does not matter who I am or what my identity is. It would not change anything in what I believed had to be said to you.

Darius Kadivar

OK I don't care

by Darius Kadivar on

Ok You want an Apology ? I will make my apology to the guy or Gal behind your Nick Name if you  post under your full name and identity. I may even consider your request or critics.

Otherwise I don't usually respond positively to anonymous personalities.

Does That seem Fair ?

The Freedom of Expression Stops When it refuses That to another (REAL) Person.  


Ali P, Iranian.com is an open forum, not a private club

by I don't care (not verified) on

Mr. Darius, do not digress. You said this conversation was going nowhere and posted a comic clip. Maybe I should be grateful, you could have posted a clip from The Godfather. Sonny at the toll booth. Not everybody who disagrees with you is mean or stupid. There are many intelligent people on Iranian website and they talk, discuss, disagree but they don’t call each other Stupid, terrorist, schitzo, etc. I just thought you might wanna know.

Ali P.

Hyde Park

by Ali P. on

Many years ago, in the 70's, I finally got a chance to go and check out London's Hyde Park, where, I had been told, anyone can express their opinion. It was nice to see people from all walks of life, and with different intelligence and different views, standing and speaking freely , each for their own audience. Most I found boring, stupid or not interesting.

(I finally found one I could at least understand: An Iranian "student" was critisizing the Iranian government for changing the Islamic calendar, to Shahanshahi calendar."We are, an Islamic nation, after all!", he said. Wonder where he is now..)

I stood for 10 minutes or so, and then went by my business. Democracy in action,AND, courtesy, well and alive.


My point is: If you are not interested in a blogger's material, why waste your time? We all have our favorites here, and the ones we don't care much about. Thanks to cyberspace, there is plenty of room for all. One's blog, is not at the expense of another. It takes me 0.5 seconds to skip over an unwanted blog; small price to pay, so that many who do find it interesting, can enjoy reading it.


Sorry about me jumping in, uninvited.



Ali P.


Thank you Darius for sharing

by Someone (not verified) on

Thank you Darius for sharing this with us.
Let’s be honest and not get emotional.
Common man… are you serious? Are actually all those people are serious? That guy even can't sing the song. Give us a break. Where in the history a failed government did come back to the power again after all the shit they left behind. Why did they fail and why should the come back? Why are they going to do?
Do the magic? Or maybe to fail again…
Poor Iranian people,they are just a steps for these idiots.

Cheshmha ro bayad shost jore digar bayad did…

Javad Yassari

Dear Mr. Kadivar

by Javad Yassari on

And I would like to give you five stars for being a gentleman.  Merry Christmas to you, too, Sir.

Darius Kadivar

Merry X MAS !

by Darius Kadivar on

this conversation is getting no where ...


A quick review, I said I don't care and you said: "stupid, terro

by I don't care (not verified) on

rist, schitzo, brainless and without manners. WOW! That's was a karate kick on the chest. Is it because you are getting more political and "in a stage of seige" mentallity.

With great political slogans comes great frustrations. Take it easy.
Name calling is not the right approach for dialogue with the ones we don't agree with.

Darius Kadivar

YOU need to apologize for your Anonymous Post

by Darius Kadivar on

You knock at my door without even introducing yourself and rudely say you don't like what you see and its my fault. And I have to ask your forgiveness ?

Adab Az Keh Amookhtee ? Az Bee Adaban !

As for Khayyam Don't bother reading the following article written by a dirty monarchist called DK:


I enjoy Life thanks but you better worry about your brain and bad manners.



Please don't call me "stupid", "terrorist" or "schizophrenic"

by I don't care (not verified) on

Your comments shows you've been under a lot of stress lately. Slow down, rejoice, be merry and waste less space on the page 1 of the blog central. Breathe in and enjoy life. "The past is gone and the future is not here yet" Khyyam said that. You can apologize if you want. If you do, I accept it anyway.

Darius Kadivar

I was asked by JJ to Limit it to 3 Blogs a Day ...

by Darius Kadivar on

I respected my Word ! Besides what is Pro Monarchy about my Posts ? It's History Stupid ! 

La Preuve :


Why don't you Complain about all the Anti Monarchist Propaganda and Pro IRI Diatribe you read on nearly all Iranian Websites ?

Besides You are Not a blogger but an Anonymous Intellectual Terrorist at Best. A Blogger registers with a Full Identity and is Accountable with Photo and Full name like me.

If You have a problem with your own Past and Identity Get a Psychiatrist specialized in schizophrenia.

Merry X Mas


DK: don't be hating....

by I don't care (not verified) on

You use too much space, I as a blogger on this website I'm asking you to lower the number of postings done by you. So, the page does not get full quickly and vistors get a chance to read the blogs on the first page. You may want to find a dedicated pro monarchy website and publish half of the posting on that site and the other half on the Iranian.com

Darius Kadivar

You don't care ? Then SCRAM !

by Darius Kadivar on


Its My Blog NOT yours.

Don't Look if you don't like it ! Or SCRAM !



Stop bombarding us with Pahlavis'

by I don't care (not verified) on

Stop posting all these stuff. We could use the first blog page better.