pictory:Remember Your Space 1999 Lunch Box ?

pictory:Remember Your Space 1999 Lunch Box ?
by Darius Kadivar

Space 1999 hit Iranian TV by Summer 1977 and I loved the Lunch Box. The Show was one of the Coolest Sci FI's I had Seen in years. It was also popular in France when I got here but the title sounded so funny for me when I first heard the translation "COSMOS 1999".

I loved the Eagle Spaceships and the Pyjama sportswear they had. There was also something sexual about the relationships between all the characters on board. I loved Barbara Bain's Cold Blond looks. She looked like a Volcano about to erupt with an onscreen orgasm under her false cold looks ;0) And the Professor was always saying "Valy John" each time he was about to make a serious decision. Boy Martin Landau looked cool and young in those days. I also had a crush on the Japanese crew member forgot her name. Also couldn't wait to reach 1999. At least we had an eclipse of the SUN in Isfahan ;0)


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I loved this show. I used

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I loved this show. I used to watch it in Iran. The intro music is so cool. 1999 was 10 years ago and yet nothing like this series. Other shows I remember were all of the Sid and Marty Kroft shows that they would air after school, like land of the lost, Sigmund and the sea monster and HR puffandstuff. Ah those were the days.

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WoW,brought back a lot of good memories.