pictory: The Immortal Guards: Pahlavi Era (1972)


pictory: The Immortal Guards: Pahlavi Era (1972)
by Darius Kadivar
Orson Welles introduces the Shah's Immortal Guards in a documentary dedicated to the Shah of Iran. Filmed in 1972 it shows the Parade by the Imperial Guards of Iran, supervised by highranking Imperial Generals - amongst them being Commander of the Imperial Guards General Ali Neshat who would be executed a few months later by the Islamic Revolutionaries.

The core of the Imperial Guard was the all volunteer Javidan Guard, also known as the "Immortals" after the ancient Persian royal guard or Persian Immortals. The "Immortals" were based in the Lavizan Barracks in northern Tehran. By 1978 this elite force comprised a brigade of 4,000-5,000 men, including a battalion of Chieftain tanks. It was responsible for the internal and external security of the royal palaces. A special plain-clothes unit was called Ma'mourin Makhsous. From 1968 the Javidan Guard included a 30-strong Pahlavi Cavalry Guard - a Household Cavalry unit. The last Commanding Officer of the Javidan Guard was Lieutenant-Colonel Yusuf-i-nijad.

Photo: The Immortal Guards in Full Regalia on Special Royal Occasions, National Celebrations or during State visits by Foreign dignataries.


Contemporary Royalist Propaganda Clip on Imperial Army on youtube ( Sorry for the begining which has Alot of Shouting Like in a Namjoo's concert But Some Cool Footage including Women in the Military Corps) :


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Immortal Guards

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I guess thats a misnomer if I ever heard one as they have been extint for 30 years now.

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Shazde Asdola Mirza

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