pictory: British Report on the IIAF, Imperial Iranian AirForce (1978)

pictory: British Report on the IIAF, Imperial Iranian AirForce (1978)
by Darius Kadivar

British Report on the Imperial Iranian Airforce and British and American material being sold to the Shah of Iran to develope its conventional arms defence capabilities. Also Shah of Iran speaks about British Arms Sales. (circa 1978)

Imperial Iranian Airforce ( Also See Official Website Here)

Shah Of Iran Talks About British Arms



The Iranian army air force is supplied largely from America. IRAN:

IRAN: MS Siren sounds SOF: MS Pilots scramble: BV Run to 'Phantom' planes: MS Pilot climbs into plane: MS Pilots into planes: MS Groundsman signals: MS PULL OUT as plane taxis R-L: CMS 'IIAF' on plane: MS 'Phantom' plane takes off R-L to BV: CMS Man in Control Tower SOF: MS 'Phantom' touches down and takes off again R-L: CMS Man in Control Tower looks through binoculars: MS Plane touches down R-L and takes off again: CS US Advisor in Control Tower: GV Airfield seen through Control Tower window - plane lands R-L: MS Plane lands R-L-chute opens to BV:

Date: 27/04/1978 Related Blog: Oldest IIAF Veteran Mr. Nasser Jannatpour 


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