pictory:Brigadier General Moussa Hakimi (Nazm-ol-Saltaneh)

pictory:Brigadier General Moussa Hakimi (Nazm-ol-Saltaneh)
by Darius Kadivar

Qajar Army officer who later became one of the Military Commanders of Nationalist Forces, Saviours of  the Constitutional Movement & Democracy in 1909.Brigadier General Moussa Hakimi (Nazm-ol-Saltaneh) in Full Regalia Uniform.

Moussa Hakimi was a senior member of the military in Iran in the latter part of Qajar era.  He sided with the forces of the Constitutional Movement and in July 1909 and led one of the two armies of the Nationalist Freedom Fighters(Mojahedeen) who clashed with the Persian Cossack Brigade, the  forerunner to the modern Iranian army, in the outskirts of Teheran. The Mojahedeen eventually liberated Teheran from the Russian led forces supporting the Qajar King Mohammad Ali Shah, ending the latter's attempt to roll back constitutional monarchy and rule Iran dictatorially with the support of Russian officers serving in the Iranian cossack brigade.


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