pictory: American Documentary "Iran: Between Two Worlds" (1954)


pictory: American Documentary "Iran: Between Two Worlds" (1954)
by Darius Kadivar

A fascinating look at the nation of Iran before the 1979 revolution. This film is not merely a survey of Persian history, but examines a civilization undergoing a transition into 20th century modernity. Although made nearly sixty years ago, this short film portends the inevitable tension the Iran would be the center of due to its natural resources and geographical location.The documentary is titled Iran: Between Two Worlds - 1954 - It is an excellent portrayal of the daily life of people living in Tehran, Shiraz and Isfahen. It also includes breathtaking scenes of the Persian mountains as well as industries - including agriculture and native artisans working with metal, rugs and much more. The first newsreel was from 11/1959 and shows the celebration of the Shah of Iran's 40th birthday complete with a fireworks display.

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