pictory 2: Another Photo of Soccer Players 1972

pictory 2: Another Photo of Soccer Players 1972
by Darius Kadivar

Soccer Team Iran Vs Oman 1971/1972

Soccer Team Iran Vs Oman 1971/1972 : Postcard with Photos of Players.


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You can see the five players I named in action in this video from 1968 in what is considered one of the greatest soccer matches in Iran's history.

Final match of the Asian Cup, Tehran, Amajadieh Stadium:

Iran 2 - Israel 1    

Strange to think that the Israeli team used to visit Iran in those days! Iran was wearing the dark shirts and Israelis were with the white shirts:


Israel's only goal is not shown. The first goal you see was Behzaadi's. The second one was by Ghelichkhaani. The guy you see jumping around in joy after both goals is Kalaani who was a constant threat on that day.

You can imagine the high expectations the people in Iran had from this team to win. I was a child but I remember the entire country was on a stand-still and everywhere people were either watching the game on TV or listening to it on the radio.

It was 15 minutes before the end of the game and Iran was behind by one goal. Worst yet, Iran was playing with only 10 players against 11.

Then Behzaadi scored Iran's first goal to tie the game! Imagine the jubilation across the country!

Ghelich Khaani scored the winning goal in extra-time on a power shot almost half way through the field and it was over! People poured into the streets to celebrate...

Many of the soccer chants that were and still is used, were invented by the spectators on that day from the sheer desire they had for Iran to win:

"bacheha hamleh konid!" (A call to the offensive players to attack!)

"ma montazere dovomish hastim!" (We are waiting for the second one!)

"bacheha mochakerim!" (Guys, thank you!, after the second goal.)

Those were the days.

Darius Kadivar


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Thanks for The Feedback Jamshid Jan. My knowledge is close to zero when it comes to soccer but I like watching it on TV ;0)




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Top row players from left to right:

Homaayoon Behzaadi (Forward), Parviz Ghelich Khaani (Half Back), Hossein Kalaani (Forward).

Bottom row from left to right:

Ali Jabaari (Forward), Ali Parvin (Half Back), I can't tell who the last guy is.