PERSIAN DUBBING: Robin Hood Adventures made in Italy (1970)

PERSIAN DUBBING: Robin Hood Adventures made in Italy (1970)
by Darius Kadivar

Giuliano Gemma  portrays Robin Hood obviously inspired by the swashbuckling tradition of Douglas Fairbanks, young Burt Lancaster and Errol Flynn, with a never disappearing broad grin against all odds.  "L'Arciere del fuoco", as it was retitled, is a jolly good B-movie with sense of humour, just the kind of thing you will be looking for when you get bored by stylish 100 million bucks productions.

L'arciere di Sherwood (1970) directed by Giorgio Ferroni , Starring Giuliano Gemma (Robin Hood) , Mario Adorf (Friar Tuck) and Silvia Dionisio(Lady Marian) 

Watch Scene in Persian ( "Akhound /Basseeji Koshi " Roh Yad Begeereed ! LOL ):

Friar Tuck (Mario Adorf) Unmasks fake clerics ( Prince John's Men) in disguise in Sherwood Forest before being joined by Robin Hood and his merry men: 


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