PERSIAN DUBBING: Giuliano Gemma in "THE TITANS" (1962)

PERSIAN DUBBING: Giuliano Gemma in "THE TITANS" (1962)
by Darius Kadivar

An Italian "Sword and Sandals" Epic starring Giuliano Gemma, who later gained fame in numerous Western Spaghettis.

"Arrivano i titani" aka "The Titans" Directed by Duccio Tessari and Starring Giuliano Gemma

Scene in Persian:


Krios, the youngest of the Titans, may be the least strong of the seven brothers whose strength comes from their mother, earth-goddess Gaia, but he is by far the smartest, and thus their natural leader. He arrives in Crete, the kingdom of the mighty king Minos,where he impresses the latter with his gladiatorial skills, gains his trust, falls in love with a mortal girl and discovers both Minos's human sacrifice-cult and a foreign conspiracy to seize power with a hidden army.

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