PERSIAN DUBBING: Curd Jürgens and Genvieve Page in "Michel Strogoff" (1956)


PERSIAN DUBBING: Curd Jürgens and Genvieve Page in "Michel Strogoff" (1956)
by Darius Kadivar

Jules Vernes famous novel brought to screen. A Russian Adventure about the Tzar of Russia's Secret Messenger, Michel Strogoff, a bold officer of the Imperial Cavalry, who must reach incognito a Russian Camp in Tartar Territory.

The movie is a French production

Michel Strogoff (1956) Directed by Carmine Gallone, Starring Curd Jürgens, Geneviève Page, and Sylva Koscina and Henri Nassiet

Scene In Persian (cruel Tartar Ogareff uses Michel Strogoff's mother to lure him out from his hiding):

Scene in French:

Crossing the River with Nadia and fellow French and British war correspondent journalists:


Michel Strogoff is a Russian officer in the service of the Tsar. Since he is a native of the eastern portion of the empire he is chosen to pass through enemy (Tartar) lines to deliver a message to a beleagured Russian command. He is betrayed and captured, his mother is killed and he is supposedly blinded, but is actually saved by the Tartar rulers concubine. He goes on to confront the traitor who is impersonating him and to save the city, and Russia, from the Tartars. Naturally he wins the heart of the woman who is his unwilling companion, and all ends well.

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