PERSIAN DUBBING: Clark Gable & Yvonne De Carlo in "Bands of Angels" (1957)

PERSIAN DUBBING: Clark Gable & Yvonne De Carlo in "Bands of Angels" (1957)
by Darius Kadivar

Raoul Walsh's Civil War Epic "Bands of Angels" Starring Clark Gable and Yvonne De Carlo. The improbable love story of a Slave Trader (Gable) and the Women ( Yvonne De Carlo) who loves him.

Tagline: "You're no blue blood any more, honey. The master bought you...and now he's waitin'!"

Scene in Persian:

Another Scene in English:


Living in Kentucky prior to the Civil War, Amantha Starr (Yvonne De Carlo) is a privileged young woman. Her widower father, a wealthy plantation owner, dotes on her and he sends her to the best schools. When he dies suddenly however, Amantha's world is turned upside down. She learns that her father had been living on borrowed money and that her mother was actually a slave and her father's mistress. The plantation is to be sold to pay off her father's debts and as the daughter of slave, Amatha is also to be sold as property. She is bought by a Louisiana plantation owner, Hamish Bond (Clark Gable) and over time she grows to love him until she learns he was a slave-trader. She tries again to become part of white society but realizes that her future lies elsewhere.

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