Parsi New Year celebration in Delhi


Parsi New Year celebration in Delhi
by Darius Kadivar

Orthodox Parsi traditions dictate that children born of mixed marriages are not automatically members of the community. That's also part of the reason they are now a dying community.

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I agree with SOS

by mullah-kosh on

I have been to India (Mumbai), and they did not allow me to enter the temple because I was not a Parsi. Most of the Parsis look Indian anyway, so at some point in time, they must have married indians, and mixed with the native population, I believe the prohibition rule is something that happened during the British colonial rule. 


Zoroaster's true message to Iranians


Zoroaster did not prohibit marriage based on race, national origin, etc. This prohibition that the Parsi's in India practice was imposed by the Indian government as a condition for allowing the fugitive Iranians into India after the arab invasion in iran. This is an artificial imposition and has given Zoroasterianism a bad rap.

Although the Parsi's are commendable people, they practice a variant of Zoroasterianism which is in part influenced by Hinduism/Indian culture.  

Lets be clear when we speak of Zoroaster -we speak of the original
message that Zoroaster brought for Iranians and what was practiced by Cyrus the Great and described by Ferdowsi.




by Simorgh5555 on

Great link but a a slight correction needed. It is not so much that mixed marriages are not allowed but it will accept only accept new members into the their religion if the father of the child is Zoroastrian. If the mother marries out of the religion then children will not be accepted into the religion. This discrimination against women makes no sense and it is hard to understand how accepting children born to the fathers side and not on the mother's side protects the purity of the religion. Unless the Zoroastrian national congress changes its position in relation to coverts then the religion will eventually die within a hundred years.