Pandora, Omar Khayyam and the Flying Dutchman (1951)


Pandora, Omar Khayyam and the Flying Dutchman (1951)
by Darius Kadivar

Watch Online Ava Gardner and James Mason's Fatal Love Affair tuned to the poetry of Omar Khayyam under the Spanish Sun in Albert Lewin's classic Hollywood Film: Pandora and the Flying Dutchman (1951)

Never Was Ava Gardner more beautiful and sensual than in the role of Pandora and James Mason more enigmatic in that of the mysterious Dutchman in a film that explores the themes of life, love and death but also immortality.

Albert Lewin (1894–1968) was an American film director, producer, and screenwriter. His artistically ambitious films contrasted with most Hollywood Productions of its time. Lewin was particularly obsessed with the works of Persian Poet Omar Khayyam and refered regularly to passages of the Rubaiyat's in several of his films including The Picture of Dorian Gray ( See related blog).

A film about a woman unable to love and a man unable to die – a baroque synthesis of classical myth and Germanic legend – Susan Felleman, author of Botticelli in Hollywood: The Films of Albert Lewin


"Pandora Reynolds, a young American woman, is part of a group of apparently wealthy and mainly British expatriates living in Esperanza, a fishing town on the coast of Spain. She is a woman with whom all men seem to fall hopelessly in love, more for her beauty than anything else. She herself seems incapable of loving anyone and is unmoved when one of the group commits suicide because of her. Later, however, she agrees to marry Stephen Cameron, a racing car driver, when he pushes his car off a cliff into the ocean as proof of his devotion to her. Soon thereafter, Pandora is intrigued by a yacht that she sees anchored outside the harbour. She swims out to it and comes upon the owner, a young Dutchman named Hendrick van der Zee. Pandora finds herself strangely attracted to him. Unknown to her, however, Hendrick is the Flying Dutchman, a man who was condemned centuries ago to roam the seas because of his sins. Every seven years, though, he is able to live as a human being for six months. If he can win the love of a woman who is willing to die for him, he will finally be able to rest in peace. Pandora may be that woman."

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Below Film in 12 Parts:

PART 1/12: (Opening with Khayyam Quatrain: The Moving Finger Writes ...)

PART 2/12:

PART 3/12:

PART 4/12:

PART 5/12:

PART 6/12:

PART 7/12:

PART 8/12:

PART 9/12:

PART 10/12:

PART 11/12: ( James Mason reads Khayyam's Quatrain Once Again The Moving Finger ...)

PART 12/12:



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