ORSON's HOUR: Orson WELLES -"The Unfinished Batman Project" Hoax ;0)

ORSON's HOUR: Orson WELLES -"The Unfinished Batman Project" Hoax ;0)
by Darius Kadivar

In 2003, comic writer Mark Millar wrote an article about a supposed Orson Welles Batman project. According to Millar, Welles had aimed to make a Batman origin story in 1946 with himself as the Dark Knight, George Raft as Harvey Dent, Basil Rathbone as The Joker, Marlene Dietrich as Catwoman, and James Cagney as The Riddler. The project had collapsed due to friction with the studio, who wanted Gregory Peck for the title role instead. The "planned film" was proven to be a hoax, but it is half true in that Welles tried to get a film version of The Shadow made, albeit without success.

Batman by Orson Welles 1946 - What if?


'The Bat-Man' Part 1 starring Orson Welles Extended Trailer

'The Bat-Man' Part 2 starring Orson Welles Extended Trailer


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Darius Kadivar

Hi Afshin Jaan

by Darius Kadivar on

Well I am a movie buff and film critic so I follow much of what is being said and done in the profession.

You are absolutely correct. This Hollywood Hoax is actually a perfect tribute to Welles work and imagination.

I think he would have been flattered.

There are some real talents who do these incredible things on youtube thanks to the availability and cheap price of internet and multimedia tools that contrast with the costs of Hollywood productions in the past.

It is really tempting to explore new avenues and re edit old movies in particular with a new and more modern outlook.

I guess that is what Art is all about ... ;0)

Warm Regards,




by Afshin_Afshar on