OLDIES BUT GOLDIES: Tarzan with Ron Ely

Darius Kadivar
by Darius Kadivar

One of the Great TV Series that we could see in Iran by the mid 1970's. It starred Australian actor Ron Ely.

He contrasted from the traditional Johnny Wheismuller Tarzan by having an education and rather gentleman manners.

Certainly one of my favorite series as a kid during my carefree years in Shiraz. 

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He was also in Good company even when attached. Watch:


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Fan of TV series

by Troneg on

dear dariush, 

I'm a fan of TV series since 70. I know them all. We hadn't PSP or Xbox at this time ;-)

There is on which I loved and it is not very known nowdays is Shekarchi Shab : Night Stalker :


Banacek was very good too : http://www.tv.com/banacek/show/2927/summary.html

take care.

We cannot recognize you with your new picture ;-)