OIL KINGS : Shah of Iran's State Visits to Saudi Arabia (1975 – 1978)


OIL KINGS : Shah of Iran's State Visits to Saudi Arabia (1975 – 1978)
by Darius Kadivar

The Shah of Iran arriving in Riyadh at the start of the Saudi Arabia visit and meeting with King Khalid.(Source: persianrealm.com)

Shah of Iran State Visits to Saudi Arabia (1975 – 1978):

(Video Courtesy: frauenatz)






Conversations with History: U.S. Iran and Saudi Arabia with Andrew Scott Cooper:

Conversations host Harry Kreisler welcomes author Andrew Scott Cooper to discuss his new book "The Oil Kings." Focusing on the geopolitics of the Middle East in the 1970's, the study centers on the complex relationship between Nixon, Kissinger and the Shah of Iran. Relying on recently declassified documents, Cooper describes the international environment of the period and the implications of the Nixon doctrine for the Shah's foreign policy. Revealing the contradiction between the Shah's dependence on the rise of oil prices and the need to fund his new military role, Cooper explains how this contradiction resulted in the Shah's downfall and the implosion of Iran. He demonstrates the interplay between the collapse of the relationship between Iran and the U.S. and the emergence of Saudi Arabia as the guarantor of price and supply in the oil market and America's most important ally in the Persian Gulf. Series: "Conversations with History" [11/2011] [Public Affairs] [Show ID: 22929]






Shah of Iran: We are No Toys of Any Country, including the United States":

Shah's Bold OPEC Speech (1973):

Shah of Iran on Persian Gulf and Jewish Lobby:

Shah of Iran’s Rebuttal of Mike Wallace use of the term "Gulf" instead of "Persian Gulf" and onthe Influence of the Jewish Lobby

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Shah of Iran visits Oman’s Sultan 
Qaboos and Dhufar (1977)

Recommended Book:

The Oil Kings by Andrew Scott Cooper

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Saudi forces parade in Mecca ahead of Hajj

by Darius Kadivar on

Saudi forces parade ahead of Hajj (bbc, video)


Thousands of Saudi security personel paraded ahead of the culmination of this year's Hajj pilgrimage.

The parade went ahead as the final preparations were made for over two million Muslim pilgrims expected to converge in Mecca for the annual rituals.


Roopa Suchak reports. 


Regarding the Book, Oil Kings , its conclusions are FAR OFF

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

When a researcher writes a book and completely skips over the subject of the Shahs Murder at the Hands of the CIA or any discussion of his un-natural death by a cancer type not within his families genes and coincidentally not experienced by his twin sister, who has lived a long life so far, you really can't expect much more than to be fully misinformed and come to all the wrong conclusions.  This Book attempts to make the USA Govt/US Professors look Good at the expense of the truth and research honesty.  The Books Failure is because it completely misses out on important data that would completely change its conclusions.  Like every work of Deceit and Manipulation, the book presents itself as respectable in terms of bringing together data and research. 



by Truthseeker9 on

Some people have been reading too many comic books ... lol

I thought Monarchists on IC wanted a Constitutional monarch, not some kind of warrior prince ... very romantic. 


Javid Shah !

by Rea on

The world needs another shah in the region. Shah with courage, ready to cut the snake the moment it rears its ugly head.


Yes he died 32 years ago but then so did Khomeini

by mahmoudghaffari on

But in Iran, that towel head, viled, satanic, rapist and murdering figure is still revered in some pockets of the country.  oh did i just describe the excellent qualities of Mohammad that Arab child molester???????????


Didn't he died?

by onlyinamrica on

About 32 years ago?