Nostalgia: Sarkar Ostevar and Samad

Nostalgia: Sarkar Ostevar and Samad
by Darius Kadivar

Here is part of an episode of the popular TV Series with Parviz Sayyad (Samad Agha) and Sarkar/Sergeant Ostevar (Abdolali Homayoun). Special Thanks to Bahram9821 and his excellent Video Archives on youtube. Ostevar was really our National Sergeant Garcia in Zorro ;0)


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Thanks for the memory

by Samavar. (not verified) on

The late Abdolali Homayoun, who passed away last year was formerly a civil servant at the Majlis before turning to acting. He did his role with love and emotion. Can anybody remember his first appearance? If I am not mistaken it was in a short black and white TV advert for "Roghan-e Nabaati-e Ghoo".

It would be nice if anyone can find and post a clip of this great example of early Iranian TV commercial. I remember I saw it on one of LA TV channels as a tribute to Abdolali Homayoun but couldn't find it on the net.