Nostalgia: Remember Saturnin The Duckling ?

Nostalgia: Remember Saturnin The Duckling ?
by Darius Kadivar

Saturnin was a French Children friendly show that aired on Iranian TV during the late 60's and throughout 70's. It's major character was a witty yellow duck and all the other characters were domestic or wild animals who he would encounter. I wonder how many different ducklings they used throughout the years but he certainly was cute. ;0)

Here is the Intro to the series:


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Approchez, tous les zamis, les grands et les petits...

by Quebeqi on

I also remember well Saturnin, he was not only a big hit in Iran but also in Québec. I used to wake up at six o'oclock in the morning, stare for three more hours at the TV set until Radio-Canada would sign on and, there he was, Saturnin fighting his arch-nemesis La Belette. And I ioved his voice done in French by folk singer Ricet Barrier.


Feeling Young

by movie Lover (not verified) on

Feeling Young

Oh… how much I missed the good old days of youth.

The Look of things , smell of thing , the excitement of life, the energy we had only if we knew …

What would you pay to feel the same.

PS. No mashghe shab

Azadeh Azmoudeh

Oh My!

by Azadeh Azmoudeh on

I do remember him and his waddling kind of walk I loved the show:) Ok, Darius too much of disclosing our age, don't you think? I feel like being REAL old!!!