Nostalgia: Do You Remember "Orion Hasht" Aka "Orion 8 Raumpatrouille" ?


Nostalgia: Do You Remember "Orion Hasht" Aka "Orion 8 Raumpatrouille" ?
by Darius Kadivar

One of the Strangest Tv series to be shown on Iranian TV before the Revolution that reached some Cult Status was a German Sci Fi adventure entitled "Orion Hasht" better known in Europe as Raumpatrouille - Space Patrol Orion. Its Card Board Sets and Corny Special Effects had some charm nevertheless but contrasted with the more Popular Sci Fi American TV series like Star Trek or Space 1999. Iranians were always fascinated by German Technology particularly their Car industry.  BMW and Opel cars flourished in Iran and Peykan was also trying to adopt German technical knowhow to promote Iran's National Car Industry. Princess Soraya the Shah's Former Wife was also half German and the Shah of Iran had acquired part of the KRUPP German Steal industry by the late 60's.

Soraya and Shah State visit to West Germany (1950's)


The occasionally ironic series focuses on the adventures of commander Cliff Allister McLane (Dietmar Schönherr, who was the German voice of James Dean) who commands the fast cruiser Orion during a war with the alien "Frogs" and often gets in trouble with the government of Earth. His crew is of "international" composition (although, in fact, national states have been abolished by that time), namely the Italian weapons officer Mario de Monti (Wolfgang Völz, German voice of Walter Matthau), Japanese astronavigator Atan Shubashi (Friedrich G. Beckhaus), Scandinavian engineer Hasso Sigbjörnson (Claus Holm), French communications officer Helga Legrelle (Ursula Lillig), and the Galactic Security Service officer, Russian Tamara Jagellovsk (Eva Pflug). More on the Series here

Opening in Black and White (English Subtitles):

Opening (In Color):

Launching of the Orion Space Ship from under the Sea:

Wierd Dance on the Space Station ( under the Sea):


The Starlight Casino and Giant Fish:





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Great Dariush !

by Souri on

You are really great !! I don't know how to thank you. Yes her name was Lona. The name of the series in Persian was " Circ baazan"...still I'm not sure about the exact name, but I'm sure it had the word "Cirque" in it. Maybe in German, it was another name....

I was around 13/14 when I was a hard fan of Gitty on that series. You are right she was a great " acrobatic woman" , all the artist were the real Acrobat. Isn't she just gorgeus?

Thank you so much.

Darius Kadivar

Souri Jan : Le cirque aka Salto Mortale

by Darius Kadivar on

Hadn't heard of these series but here is what I found:

She seems to have been multi talented.  Now I think I remember something vague about these series. There is a tralier on the page by the way.

More photos on this page:

Gitta plays the character of Lona

Darius Kadivar

Gity Darougar aka Gitty Djamal

by Darius Kadivar on

I did not know about this but looked her up on imdb 

and found out that she also played in the Three Muskateers with Michael York and Charlton Heston,Faye Dunnaway and other famous actors . WOW.

Here is her picture under the name Gitty Djamal: She plays Beatrice:

She seems to have been famous in Germany. Below in another series called Salto mortale

Thanks for this feedback I will add this to my database ;0)


Darius Kadivar

Yes Tapeh TV was on a Mountain indeed

by Darius Kadivar on

As for this show, I think it was shown for just one season around Spring of 1975 or 1976. It was not as great as UFO or Star Trek but I liked the special Effects nevertheless. The German actors were very Stiff though in comparison to their American or British colleagues. But I remember the wierd Dancing scene supposed to say that customs and attitudes had changed in the future. Also the Women had strange 60'ish hairstyles and cold looks which was strange and Very POP ART. It reminded me of the old Robert Wise film: The Day the Earth Stood Still which has just become a remake with Keenu Reeves. 



by jamshid on

I remember the series too. I still vaguely remember some scenes on the moon? with the frogs. This show was broadcast probably before 1972 when it was supplanted by the British series "boshghaab parandeh", aka, UFO.


Yes Bahram jan

by Souri on

i remember it too ! Tapeh television et Hamberger...what was the name of that fast food ? All friday night full of PU students....Yadesh be kheir.


Agha Dariush

by bahram9821 on

I don't remember this one at all, maybe they only showed it in Shiraz. Do you remember where the TV station was in Shiraz ? It was on top of the mountain (tapeh television) and very steep road  coming down to a Hamburger joint, Friday night the place was packed, life was so much simpler, delam baree Shiraz tang shodeh.


Hi Dariush

by Souri on

No, I don't remember this series. When was that on Iranian TV ?What year?  do you remember ?

on another note, i wanted to ask you something (because you are a pro!!) do you remember that series "The Cirque" which was shown usually late night. This was also a German series with a very beautiful Iranian actress "Gity Darougar".......could you find it too please ?

Do you know anything about her ? Where is she now, what is she doing ? She must be old now.

Thanks for the videos.


Red Wine


by Red Wine on

I remember it but the name of it was another thing in 'farsi' ... i can not remember it but wasn't Orion 8 ... !

Thank you Daryush jan .