Nostalgia: The Beautiful Neli and her memorable songs


Nostalgia: The Beautiful Neli and her memorable songs
by Darius Kadivar

One of the Popular Singers of the 1970's Iranian Pop Scene was the beautiful Neli. As a Kid I used to think she looked and sounded particularly European and loved her unique Sweet Smile. Here are some of her greatest hits. Sorry if some of the clips are not high quality but I hope one day they will be digitally enhanced. Enjoy ...

Neli - Dooset Daram


Neli Payam:

Neli - Arooseh Dehkadeh

Neli - Hobab

Neli - Narenj o Toranj

With Farrokhzad singing Payam

Neli & Nasrin & Parvin Malakout - Sib Haftsin (VERY CUTE: Norooz Song)

Neli, Beti, Nasrin, Soli, Aref Arefkia ft. Faramarz Parsi - Samanoo (Norooz Song)

Neli - Mara Bavar kon



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Red Wine


by Red Wine on

I met her before ... She  is really hot and sexy woman .

Merçi Dariush jan .


ah those chopper bicycles

by fozolie on

I had one.... 

Mr. Fozolie

Adib Masumian

Tahirih jan

by Adib Masumian on

I recall reading on that she now practices dentistry in London.


Thanks it was great listening to her.

by Tahirih on

She is not active any more , do you by any chance know where is she  now?