NOSTALGIA: Arg-é Bam (Bam Citadel), Iran, 1956


NOSTALGIA: Arg-é Bam (Bam Citadel), Iran, 1956
by Darius Kadivar

A silent color film sequence of Arg-é Bam, the adobe Citadel of Bam, Iran, from 1956. This sequence is from amateur filmmaker John W. Rowe's travelogue of a car rally between Geneva, Switzerland and Bombay, India.

The film clip is from the Human Studies Film Archives, Smithsonian Institution collection of historical moving images. For more Info go here

It served as a Setting to Valerio Zurlini's "Desert Des Tartars" aka "The Desert of the Tartars" , a European Co Production Film directed in the 1970's:

Trailer to Desert Des Tartars (1976) Starring an International Cast ( Philippe Noiret, Vittorio Gassman, Laurent Terzieff ( who passed away this week), Max Von Sydow, Jacques Perrin to name a few):

The citadel was largely destroyed in an Earthquake in 2003 that made many victimes:

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A MAJOR ATTRACTION: Bam was location for 1976 film "The Desert of the Tartars" by Darius KADIVAR

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Sargord Pirouz

That car rally sounds

by Sargord Pirouz on

That car rally sounds great.

I'm again repeating myself here (sorry): During the summer of '75, we drove from San Francisco to New York City, put the car on a ship to LeHavre, flew to Paris, picked up the car at LeHavre, drove across France, Switzerland and Italy, through the Iron Curtain, atop the newly constructed Bosphorus Bridge into Asia Minor, through war-torn Kurdistan, into Iran and arrived in Tehran

There, we beamed with accomplishment. My aunt, on the other hand, was horrified we had driven through Kurdistan. 

It was a great time to see the world. Socialism was intact in the East, and it was before the advent of globalization, so all of these destinations retained their sense of individual charm.

Once in a lifetime.