MOSSADEGH: David Diaan In New Film On Mossadegh's Last Days


MOSSADEGH: David Diaan In New Film On Mossadegh's Last Days
by Darius Kadivar

Iran, 1959. After his CIA orchestrated overthrow, democratic Prime Minister Mossadegh falls ill under house arrest. Can he trust an American physician sent to treat him? (More On Screening Here)

Mossadegh (2001) Directed by Roozbeh Dadvand, Written by Roozbeh Dadvand, Nathaniel C. Leonard starring: Dominic Rains, Bobby Naderi and David Diaan (More on imdb)

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In 1959, under coercion of the CIA, an American physician questions his objectives of having to assassinate a deposed famed Iranian political figure living under house arrest.

VOA Report and Behnood Mokri's Interview of David Diann:

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