Mark Anthony's Speech Lesson to Mir Hossein and Hashemi ;0)


Mark Anthony's Speech Lesson to Mir Hossein and Hashemi ;0)
by Darius Kadivar

Dunno for You but I found all 4 presidential candidates VERY boring Orators. It is certainly an Art to be a speaker and win a friendly or hostile audience to one's advantage. Mark Anthony's famous Speach in William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar is certainly one that All Politicians should study before seeking public office.

I just saw Mir Hossein Moussavi's speech posted here

And Hashami Rafsanjani's Friday Prayers here

Of the two Rafsanjani seems to have been closer to Mark Anthony's subtle Rhetoric that allowed him to venge Caesar's Assassins. Not surprising given that Hashemi Rafsanjani is certainly one of the most enduring political Foxes who has thrived unconditionally within the Islamic Republic and is considered as one of the most Powerful Veterens of the current theocracy. An Iranian Talleyrand so to speak ... Or should I say an Iranian Mark Anthony. Up to You viewers to draw your own conclusions. 

Here is the Famous Speech from William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar Play rendered by Marlon Brando in Joseph L. Mankiewicz's powerful film adaptation of the play. Ironically the film was released in 1953, the year of the "Coup" or "Counter Coup" in Iran that helped the Shah of Iran regain his throne and topple his "Elected" ( But also "named') Prime Minister of Imperial Iran.

Context in Play: After Caesar's murder & Brutus's ( James Mason) justifying speech, Mark Antony (Marlon Brando) confronts a crowd that is against him and on the side of Brutus and other conspirators. But manages to win the hostile Crowd to His cause and venge Caesar's "Noble and Honerable" Assassins ( i.e Brutus and his culprits who tried to save the Republic against Caesars ever growing Tyranny):

Recommended Reading:

Noble Romans :Marlon Brando showed the two faces of a politician as Marc Anthony in 1953 film of 'Julius Caesar'  By Richard von Busack


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LOL That Was a Good One

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Although Rafsi is better Known as the Shark ! ...


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Brought Saint Mossadegh into it.

As for Rafsi, I would have thought this is more like him:

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