Makhmalbaf Speach In Paris Demo

Darius Kadivar
by Darius Kadivar

Mohsen Makhmalbaf Iranian filmmaker, speaks to people demonstrating in Paris on what they can do to support the Iranian people's struggle in Iran. Paris, Palce des Halles June 15th, 2009


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How the West could help Iranians

by Mehdi on

I think the West  should immediately remove sanctions against Iran! That is the best way the Iranian people will be helped. That would give great support to those who want change in Iran. It will make their case very valid. Once the perceived threat of war is gone, the regime will have no leg to stand on for its persecutions and oppressions.

The West should also immediately ask for talks for the purpose of resolving animosity between Iran and and the West. These two actions will be a very effective blow to stupidity and ignorance and will remove the sources of oppression from the positions of power. 

NIAC war right, working on normalizing Iran-US relationship is the most effective way to help people in Iran. The excuse of "external threat against Islam or Iran" has been the strongest leg that the opressors have been standing on since the beginning. It is time this leg was taken from under them!


Khanoome Sabety, You are a

by mihandoost (not verified) on

Khanoome Sabety,

You are a dictator. How dare you ke taklif roshan koni for any Iranian? whether back in Iran or RP? be shoma che marboote ke RP che kar mikone or nazaresh chie? he is an Iranian and if CNN or other media invite him to share his opinion, then so be it. I for one know of several very young people, not old farts & nostalgic revolutionaries like you, who want to hear from RP.
Your type made a collossal mistake once, hala YOU sit and shut up for once in your life!! Please and thank you

Darius Kadivar

Setareh then Why Don't YOU ALSO Blame the Same on NIAC/AIC too ?

by Darius Kadivar on

In Your SELECTIVE INDIGNATION Why Don't You ALSO denounce these IRI Lobbyists( who claim to be "GRASS ROOT" representatives of us in the Iranian American Diaspora  forgetting that most of us were exiled because of the Revolution and this abject IRI Regime) for their UNCONDITIONAL Support for IRI's policies when Mahmoud was THEIR NEW MOSSADEGH ? 

AIC Houshang Amir Ahmadi meets Ahmadinejad

NIAC: Groups call for cut in US Iran democracy funding

I See Hypocrisy Has No Limits ...

Farah Rusta

A thug turned film maker

by Farah Rusta on

Makhmalbaf would not have been who he is was it not for his pro Islamic biases and a regime in need of an Islamic Luis Bunuel (minus Bunuel's genuis).

Even in film making Makhmalbaf remained faithful to his thuggery days when he had fatally stabbed a policeman before the revolution and during his pro-Ahmadinejad phase (they are the same age). His film Kandehar featured the self cofessed murderer and terrosit, Dawoud Salahuddin (aka David Theodor Belfield)  an African American convert to Islam who murdered Ali Akbar Tabatabi, an IRI critic and supporter of Shapur Bakhtiar, in Washington DC back in 1980.

For Makhmalbaf to support Mousavi, is like a former small time thug speaking highly of his Godfather (to use the cinematic analogy that Makhmalbaf is only too familair with). 


Setareh Sabety

Darius Jan

by Setareh Sabety on

this is not about criticizing this is about stay on message. this movement that rp has nothing to do with, btw, he was not the first to talk about civil disobedience are you kidding me? is about a people feeling cheated out of their vote. you either support their cause or not? if you want to support and not hinder than you pass on and repeat and support their message. nothing else! they want no other slogans. no regime change. just a fair vote count is what the people want.
the message of the movement is not a regime change but counting the votes right. I said that because I got some mail saying that rp message to the iranian army and people would make the movement sound like a israeli backed one because of rp's name being so closely associated with israel and the neocons. he should just sit this out really. that would be the best contribution. even the americans would think twice about backing a movement that is backed by any pahlavi! that is all. you either get it or not. no time to say javid shah. at this point it is a disservice!


شعار محوری

وطن خواه (not verified)

نه احمدی نه موسوی فقط رضا سیروس پهلوی


Good post, Darius.

by Princess on

Thank you! ... solidarity with our hamvatans in the face of these atrocities is more crucial than ever.

Darius Kadivar

Setareh Jaan Vel Kohn Deegeh ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Baba Put a little of Your Biaised Opinions about RP in the closet JUST FOR ONE DAY !

RP is Not even asking to become King, He was THE FIRST to speak about civil dissobedience and has been repeating it for years to YOUR CLOSED Ears and eyes ...

You People ARE SO STUBBORN and Just Don't Want to admit your own misjudgments,responsabilities or miscalculations in the past 30 years. You want to categorize people in two: Good and Bad. That is too simplistic and this mindset has been one of the major flaws in our collective Iranian mindset. No one including RP is blaming you for it nor do monarchists or the Royal Family think they have no responsability in the tragic events of 79. The Guilt is Shared and RP is the first to acknowledge the accountability of his fathers reign in any crime commited under his leadership.

Read: REZA's CALL: An Iranian Solidarnsoc by Darius KADIVAR

But for ONCE in your Lifetime behave as a TRUE INTELLECTUAL and NOT AN ANNE TELECTUAL !


For its LONG DUE ! ...

Love Anyways,



Setareh Sabety

thank you for this

by Setareh Sabety on

darius jan, this guy is more important than reza pahlavi right now. has more fans! so a great post. shows how everyone is on board this green revolution!! you all should tell rp to shut up cause his support hinders the movement and can be used by the hardliner gov. to further repress the youth like it happened after 18th tir when the monarchists tried to highjack the student movement but had nothing to deliver!! now every one on those streets is a bigger leader than our never was prince. rp should listen to makhmalbaf.
this was meant as a thank you note. lol. long live the people of iran whom we both no doubt love.