MA MUSIQUE: Nowroozetan Khojasteh Baad !


MA MUSIQUE: Nowroozetan Khojasteh Baad !
by Darius Kadivar

Happy Nowroooz to Staff, bloggers and feature writers. May the coming year be one of personal and professional success and happyness to you and your loved ones as well as for our fellow compatriots back home in their struggle for democracy.

Darya Dadvar Eye Iran:

Darya Dadvar Sarzamineh Man:

Ebi khalij fars:

Sediq Shabbab Sarzamine Man:


Marjan Sekehe Mah:  

Faramarz Aslani Agheh Yeh Rooz:

In Turkish Agheh Yeh Rooz:

fereydoun farokhzad show from 1970´s with his guest hamid shabkhiz:

Googoosh and Mohandes Billy:

Googoosh & Martik:

Fattane Soli Nooshafarin Neli Aref Panjereha:

Kourosh Yaghmaie Havar Havar:

Kourosh Yaghmaie Gole Yakh:

Aghassi Labe Karoun:

Ahdieh Chapok Savar:

Ramesh va Nozar Azadi:

Ramesh Roodkhooneh:

Vigen & Ramesh-Gole Boose:

Vigen-Baroon Baroone:

Gooogoosh Zartosht:



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Thanks you

by Sid Sarshar on

Mr. Kadivar,

Thank you for the rainbow of songs, I always enjoy listening to them.  May I ask if you have anything in your repertoire from Shomal (Northern Iran).

Eyde Shoma Mobarak.


Mona 19


by Mona 19 on

Happy Nawruz Mr.Kadivar

I wish you happiness, health, joy, love, prosperity, and success in the coming year 

Mona  ;)


Same to you

by masoudA on

Good to have you around

may your every wish come true - especially the one you share with the rest of us. 


نوروز شما پر سرور


هر روزت نوروز و هر زمانت به شادی