MA MUSIQUE: The House of The Rising Sun (1964)

MA MUSIQUE: The House of The Rising Sun (1964)
by Darius Kadivar

The British Rock Band, The Animals were So Many years ahead of their time. Pity they never had the same evolution and success as the Beatles, or the Rolling Stones and yet they had an equally promising talent. I think this is certainly one of their best songs. Enjoy their performance in this clip from the 1960's.


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House of the rising sun

by Gougouli (not verified) on

Wrong again, iranian blogger. You should have know from the mention of New Orleans that this is not a British pop song, but a much much older American folk-song that has been sung, inter alia, by Joan Baez.


This is an all time

by mehrdad t (not verified) on

This is an all time classic!
I remeber this song from as far back as I had a "memory"!