MA MUSIQUE: Angels of Persepolis by Flamenco Guitarist Mehran


MA MUSIQUE: Angels of Persepolis by Flamenco Guitarist Mehran
by Darius Kadivar

"Angels of Persepolis" is a concept instrumental CD and an homage to the brave people of Iran and their fight to free themselves from tyranny. This album is composed by and features Flamenco guitar wizardry of Mehran, an Iranian born Flamenco guitarist who resides in Chicago. The concept intertwines ancient Persian history, Persian mythology and Iran's current affairs. This objective was reached by usage of sound effects, insertion of actual footages and sounds of the recent affairs in Iran and the mood translated by the music. The recording of this CD took exactly a year and in the beginning the concept was more cultural and focused on composing Flamenco guitar music with the theme of nostalgia and romanticism with some poetry.

As the summer of 2009 brought with it a new and rejuvenated movement in Iran for freedom and basic human rights, the concept of this CD changed to that of support and raising awareness. As the world witnessed the silent and peaceful demonstrations of the Iranian people and how it was met with some of the most barbaric attacks a government can unleash on its people, it was then the concept of this CD started to get a form.

Music Video Tribute to Persepolis  ( Not from Album nor of Artist Mehran ):

Symbolically, Persepolis represents Iran and the angels are the men and women who have risen for freedom. The news and images of these events that found their way all over the world,  the bravery of the Iranian people and the manner in which they stood up to the face of tyranny were the inspiration behind most of the compositions on this CD.

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Love the Look on the Album's Cover ...

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It reminds me of the upcoming 3D movie Clash of the Titans :