Le Shah d' Iran : un homme à abattre

Darius Kadivar
by Darius Kadivar

French Documentary with Rare Footage on Shah of Iran and the Revolution with interviews of journalists Fereydoun Sahebjam, Edouard Sablier, Iran's ambassador to Washington during Pahlavi Era Ardeshir Zahedi, Houshang Nahavandi minister of Education, Dariush Homayoun former minister of Information, French Journalist Vincent Meylan of Point De Vue Magazine:


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Bang Man

Thanks for the documentary

by Bang Man on

Dear D.K.
How are you?

Thanks for the documentary.

I enjoyed the footage though could not understand
the French.

You know if it were not for shah’s vision, my generation would have not been
able to get proper education. We Iranians have to learn to understand one another and most of all have to learn to compromise!

Shah was a good man and he deserves our respect.

If this government had done that (respected Shah's legacy)
it would have made a big difference today.

I hope future generation will realize this.


Keep it coming.