LE GRAND CHARLES: De Gaulle Greets Iran's Royals (1961)


LE GRAND CHARLES: De Gaulle Greets Iran's Royals (1961)
by Darius Kadivar

France commemorates the 40th Anniversary of the death of it's liberator. The Man who called upon the French to overthrow the VICHY Government and Restore the Legitimate French Republic greeted Iran's Royals with Pomp and Circumstance once Elected President of the 5th Republic. The Shah and De Gaulle shared a mutual admiration and respect as testified by De Gaulle's visit to Iran two years later ( see Related blog) where he admitted to be extremly impressed by Iran's progress. He also inaugurated the new buildings of the French Razi School in Tehran.

Shah of Iran Visits De Gaulle in France 1961/10/16:

RESTORATION: De Gaulle Restores The Republic in all it's Pomp and Glory as First President of the 5th Republic:

The Tradition and ceremonial investiture was to remain after his presidency with his successors.

RESTORATION: De Gaulle's Call of 18th of June aka L'Appel Du 18 Juin from exile in London:

Calling upon the French to Join him in a national Resistance against the Illegitimate and treacherous VICHY Republic. Pledging to Restore the Republic in it's legitimacy. Here is a footage of what was never broadcast at the time s...ince the speech was instead delivered on the Radio from the BBC headquarters.

RESTORATION: De Gaulle Arrives in Liberated Paris and makes his Famous Speach "Paris Libéré" (25th august, 1944):

Gilbert Bécaud's Famous Song in Tribute to De Gaulle "Tu Le Regretteras":

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pictory: France's De Gaulle Visits Iran (1963)

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Unfortunately the Iranian

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Unfortunately the Iranian stamps in the collection I inherited from my uncle are older than these, and the ones I collected and handed down are newer.


I have these stamps in my stamp collection in Iran!

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Everything is sacred


Thanks, Mr. Kadivar

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I remember De Gaulle's visit to Iran. The whole route was covered with Persian carpets for the motorcade, and sharpshooters( whatever we had at that time) were stationed on rooftops along the way. His Majesty appeared so miniscule beside the lanky French icon.    

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