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Charmed by Iranians during her Persian stay, French Star Juliette Binoche Compares them to Italians

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Very observant

by Alborzi (not verified) on

The Iranians, by nature are very charming. In fact my wife at times became very uncomfortable with all the "taarofs", but it part of the culture, you go and buy something and ask how much, invariably the reply is "ghabeli nadareh", thats part of the culture.
I see it in my sons, they are much more respectful and trustworthy to others, thats something that is bred into them.


Hypocrisy, opportunism or ... ?

by FAIRNESS (not verified) on

Dear Mr. "abarmard";

I've noticed and I guess everybody else has as well that you are always very much biased in favor of mullahtariat and deliberately try to either belittle or completely hide the realities too obvious to be hidden by you and the likes of you.

The reality of Iran is not that much different from the reality you seemed to witness in Saudi Arabia, even though Iranians are miles apart culturally, and there is a real government and ORDER, although despotic in Saudi Arabia!

Those who go for a visit to Iran to see relatives and/or friends and take plenty of dollars and euros with themselves, will certainly have a wonderful time while going on sightseeing tours, getting invited to lunches and dinners at different relatives' and friends' houses, and running from one retaurant to another.

It's great every time as long as you do not have to deal with the IR government, its officials and its ministries! There you can see the reality of Iran and how horribly discriminatory, chaotic and inefficient it is! a real disaster!



> Nothing to be proud of...

by Another lost iranian in France (not verified) on

Iranians have always been fascinated by Europeans. I don't feel honored or whatsoever with this J.Binoche comparing us with italians.

Now, if someone doesn't describe us as wild arab looking fanatics, we think it's some sort of a victory.
Sad, sad and pathetic.


would be interesting to see

by Abarmard on

I would love to see this movie. I am glad that she had a good time in Iran. I guess it happens to everyone. The first time you think you are going to Saudi Arabia, then you feel wow what a "modern" state. The second time you see the reality!

This too shall pass.

Thanks DK



by Parsian (not verified) on

That is interesting and surprising that a good actress like her plays in a movie directed by one of the best Iranian director.

persian westender

 I think Kiarostami is

by persian westender on

 I think Kiarostami is a good guide for such a humble and good looking actress.




I think half the world's male population is charmed by her!

by ramintork on

Juliette Binoche is adorable. She can't do wrong in my books.

She is a wonderful talent, I specially liked her in the three colours series. I'm sure Kiarostami would be the best guide to show the beauty of Iran.