A KING's STAR: Colin Firth honoured on Hollywood Walk of Fame Prior to Golden Globes


A KING's STAR: Colin Firth honoured on Hollywood Walk of Fame Prior to Golden Globes
by Darius Kadivar

British actor Colin Firth has been presented with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, an honour he dedicated to his wife.

Firth, nominated for a Golden Globe for his role in The King's Speech, was seen to wipe away a tear at the ceremony.

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Speaking of his wife Livia, Firth, 50, said: "When I look down there at that star, it's her name I see."

Firth rose to fame in the BBC's Pride and Prejudice, before starring in The English Patient and A Single Man.

He is in Los Angeles for Sunday's Golden Globes, at which he is tipped to win the best actor award for The King's Speech.

The film sees Firth playing King George VI, who enlists the help of an Australian speech therapist to help him overcome his stammer.

"I want to thank everybody that has accompanied me on this extraordinary journey," said Firth on Thursday.

"But probably more than anybody I could ever imagine Livia, who has walked every step of this with me joyfully and truthfully."

The Hampshire-born actor's career has spanned serious drama and romantic comedy. His performance in A Single Man earned him a best actor Oscar nomination in 2010.

The King's Speech is nominated for seven Golden Globes and is also expected to figure prominently when the 2011 Oscar nominations are announced on 25 January.

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