Kiarostami Dreams

Darius Kadivar
by Darius Kadivar

A Very Insightful video in which Kiarostami speaks about his views of films and the importance of Dreams in his Art:


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Bahram the Iranian

I wonder!!!

by Bahram the Iranian on

How in the world while we have such recognized figure worldwide for his abilities and talent as director and producer, winning quiet few awards and so on....yet the most popular and ever succesful movie in Iran is directied by Masssoud Dehnamaki, a war veteran or hezbuallah if you wish!!!!is he not good enough for Iranians or he is too good for our blood???

Farhad Sepahbody


by Farhad Sepahbody on

Dear Mr. Kadivar:

Dreams are important.

Thank you for this posting

and Happy Norouz to you

Darius Kadivar

Your Welcome Mona Jan

by Darius Kadivar on

Kiarostami is a genuine artist. It took me sometime to understand and appreciate his filmography but I think that was because he was ahead of his time. No wonder he is so much admired by many great filmmakers like Martin Scorsese or Emir Kusturika. 

Happy Norooz to you and your loved ones too.





Mona 19

Mr kadivar

by Mona 19 on

Thank you.

He is one of the best iranian director who always uncover the deepest emotions in the most ordinary events in life... Mashghe shab ( home work) and khaneh doost khojast ( where is the friend's house) are my favoriates.

Happy Nawrouz, and I wish you Happiness,Health, and Prosperity today and for all the days ahead.