Jamshid Chalanghi speaks to Shahram Homayoun on his Ousting from VOA Persian


Jamshid Chalanghi speaks to Shahram Homayoun on his Ousting from VOA Persian
by Darius Kadivar

Television Pioneer and Journalist Jamshid Chalangi is interviewed by Shahram Homayoun on the reasons behind his ousting from Voice of America’s Persian Service.


Jamshid Chalanghi speaks to Shahram Homayoun:

Chalangi’s interview Starts @ 10 Mn after the interview with Nasser Mohamadi






Parts of above interview reproduced 

below with better sound &  image quality



Part I:


Part II:

Part III

Part IV:

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Money for Betrayal is the deal the US Gov. offers Iranians ...

by ILoveIran on

Is it true that he will next attend the CIA's Defense Language institute in Monterey California, participate in a tour of duty with U.S. Marines in Afghanistan, and then "visit his grandmother in Iran" that lives near the uranium mine?

I may be confused: Could it be that I'm thinking of the other man who works for the U.S. government?  I sometimes confuse the people that work for the U.S. government, because it seems that they have very narrow objectives as a part of their employment. 


And people wonder how foreign countries generate online content to try to manipulate Iranians into being hostile towards their own people.