Iran CNN - Fareed Zakaria Attacks M. Marandi's Falicious Arguments

Iran CNN - Fareed Zakaria Attacks M. Marandi's Falicious Arguments
by Darius Kadivar
Iran CNN - Fareed Zakaria Attacks Falicious Arguments of Islamic Regime Mouthpiece [ Seyed Mohammad Marandi ]


About Mohammad Marandi: 

Born in Richmond, Virginia to an Iranian professor and a political prisoner under the Shah, Seyed Mohammad Marandi spent his first 13 years in the United States. He recalls a time he once loved NFL football and felt more American than Iranian. But since returning to Iran, where he volunteered in the Iran-Iraq war (surviving attacks with chemical weapons he believes the U.S. supplied to Saddam Hussein), his perspective on the United States, specifically its foreign policy, began to change.

Now, as head of the North American Studies graduate program at the University of Tehran, Marandi looks at the United States from a more distant—and vexed—vantage.

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The Bassiji Professor

by Quebeqi on

What a nerve! It is obvious that he's lying. According to some criminal profilers, a very simple way to detect if someone is lying is to observe if the suspects are closing their eyes and smiling while answering questions. If they do, they lie since this kind of body language is done involuntarily.


We should thank Mr. Zakaria for making the basidiji professor to close his eyes while smiling in front of the whole universe.