Darius Kadivar
by Darius Kadivar

President Bush Passes a Bill giving himself and his whitehouse retroactive immunity for possible war crimes!

Dunno when this CNN report dates from ...


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The youtube posting is at

by americanwife (not verified) on

The youtube posting is at least from January of this year. It's possible that the original clip/report was even further back to 2006... there is much reference to it on the internet. Haven't been able to spend alot of time on it but it's definitely NOT recent. And if from 2006, then before a Democrat Congress... I can't see how it could have possibly passed.

Darius...please keep us posted if you find out more.


The Cafferty file

by javaneh29 on

This is a video from the cafferty show .. a CNN chat programme if Im not mistaken. Is it for real ? or just cafferty's intereptation. Anyway it was shot begining of July. Why havent the democrats picked up on it? Javaneh