Hollywood Preparing a Sequal/Prequal to '300'

Hollywood Preparing a Sequal/Prequal to '300'
by Darius Kadivar

Legendary Pictures is making a follow-up to 300 with director Zack Snyder possibly returning. Frank Miller, who wrote the graphic novel the original was based on, is writing either a sequel or a prequel to be adapted for the screen. It’ll be tricky considering many of the main characters died in the first one. The original made over $450 million worldwide.Synder said he won’t commit until he’s seen Miller’s take on the story but says that the film will be sort of a prequel AND a sequel, taking place in the year between the end of the Battle of Thermopylae and the Battle of Plataea,  which is the massive battle between Xerxes’ Persians and 10,000 Spartans PLUS 30,000 Greeks. This technically makes it a sequel; we only saw but a slight glimpse at that last battle and this will pick up after the core story of the first film ended.

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by Darius Kadivar on




The master piece

by Abarmard on

They need to translate the coming film similar to the link below. A master piece... Happy New Year





by Abarmard on

In the future the Iraqis will make a movie called 50, where 50 resistance group member kicked the super power out of the scene of the international economical and political theater!

If they wish to exaggerate the situation they can even call it 15, where 15 Alqaida members changed the world as we know it.  


To Shirazie: Ignorance is the trademark of Iran!

by Gimme a break (not verified) on

If Iranians were not ignorant and gullible, they would not pour into the streets in millions in 1979 to help bring an uncultured backward prehistoric mullah like Khomeini to power. They would not believe in empty rhetorics and fake smiles of another turbaned crook like Khatami in 1997 and again would not fall for the empty promises of a complete imbecile such as Ahmadinejad in 2005.

If sheer utter ignorance of Iranian people causing repeated failure after failure is not Iran's trademark, I don't know what is.



by Parthian on

The only ignorant person I see is you, and other Iranians like you who take this stuff seriously. The previous directors and producers mentioned the movie 300 was based on a COMIC BOOK, not a history book. It is supposed to be fantasy. Don't take everything so seriously, dont be so insecure about your identity. AFter 1400 years of occupation, the Iranian culture has managed to survive, I am sure it will survive holllywood as well.


let it go

by shirazie (not verified) on

The Greeks do not seem to be too excited about this stuff.

why should we? Ignorance (words used by my English friends)is a trademark of this country Let it be..