HISTORY OF VIOLENCE:Chemical Weapons Attack On Kurds (1988)


HISTORY OF VIOLENCE:Chemical Weapons Attack On Kurds (1988)
by Darius Kadivar

Western journalists taken to scene of chemical attack by Iranian Occupying Forces in Iraqi Kurdistan and shown hundreds of bodies.  Iraq has been accused of attacking their own people with cyanide gas as most of the dead are Kurds who are fighting for an independent Kurdistan and have sided with Iran in the Gulf war. Now the Region in Iraq is under Iranian occupation so when Journalists aim to ask questions to the Iraqi Prisoners of War about the use of Chemical weapons ( forbidden by the Geneva Convention), they are halted by the Iranian authorities to ask Any further questions.


EXT IRAN/IRAQ AirV L-R across battlefield Border AirV Ditto Halabja A/G Abanonded tanks in ditches A/G Tank over battlefield A/A L-R helicopter away over city rooftops PULL BACK seen through windscreen of helicopter, pilot in BV AirV L-R over destroyed buildings and rubble BV TRACK forwards truck carrying soldiers in front away down deserted street through town MS TRACK R-L bordered up shop fronts and debris MS Destroyed building MS Destroyed mangled wreckage of car, photographer taking photo in b/g MS Bodies scatted about on road PAN L-R more bodies TMS Dead little boy sprawled on ground TMS Dead child in street TCMS Dead little girl lying in grass PULL OUT another body next to her INT TMS Stainless steel sink PAN L-R across kitchen to tray of eggs in open fridge LA Bomb damaged ceiling TILT DOWN man standing at trap door into cellar, woman lying dead on floor of cellar TCMS Woman lying dead on floor of cellar EXT CMS VOX POPS MAN INTVW SOF (Do not know why Iraqui's attacked) "Why would the Iraquis -- own people" TMS Two dead children lying in each others arms TILT UP more bodies scattered along road MS SIDE dead man lying protectively on top of baby baby in arms TMS Ditto CMS Man wiping eyes as emotional after looking at victims TLMS Smoke seen as explosion heard in distance and gunfire heard SOF CMS TERRY LLOYD I/C SOF TMS Mass of bodies lying in road, b/g more bodies lying in back of lorry TRACK forwards CMS Two village elders (away from village at time of attack) INT School used TMS Hospital ward packed with beds containing survivors as Hospital as two nurses attending patients TCMS Two nurses attending mustard gas burns on patients face TCMS Nurse's hand squeezing liquid onto patients burn PULL OUT CMS Woman with mustard burn on arm, hand squirts oint- ment onto burn TCMS Woman and baby lying in bed EXT TMS Large group of Iraqui POWs seated cross legged in POW camp MS Group of prisoners raise arms MS Group of prisoners UNFOCUS and FOCUS on one in f/g MS Prisoners stand and put blankets over head

Date: 22/03/1988

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Kurds seek UK backing over Iraq 'genocide'

by Darius Kadivar on

Kurds seek UK 'genocide' backing (bbc)


Iraqi Kurds in Britain have begun a campaign for the mass murder of their people in Iraq in the late-1980s to be formally recognised as genocide.

At least 180,000 Kurds were killed by Saddam Hussein's forces.

The justice4genocide campaign says many more died in atrocities carried out by regimes from the 1960s onwards.

It is petitioning the UK government to declare the mass killing of Kurds as a genocide and press the European Union and United Nations to do the same.

The campaign has the support of a number of British MPs and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG).

The KRG's representative in Britain, Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman, said she hoped the campaign would eventually lead to trials at the international criminal court.