Harry Potter Is a Zionist Hollywood Conspiracy !

Harry Potter Is a Zionist Hollywood Conspiracy !
by Darius Kadivar

Watch The Islamic Republic TV documentary claiming that Harry Potter is a Zionist Conspiracy formented by Hollywood.

Ignoring the fact that Harry Potter is a fruit of the imagination of an unemployed divorced woman who wrote this story while taking care of her new born baby. As the World Knows But the Islamic Republic Film Critics Don't seem to notice, her name is of course ... JR Rowlings.


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Mehdi Mazloom

1000 night Arabian stories.

by Mehdi Mazloom on

I posted the same a while ago.

Here is the link


anonymous fish


by anonymous fish on

"Double, double toil and trouble; 
Fire burn, and caldron bubble."

but of course it's a zionist plot!


Holy Cernunnos!

by Quebeqi on

Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha! Those "experts" are idiots! Everybody knows in the West that witchcraft didn't come from Judaism or the Kabbalah, but from our ancestors, the Druids! HaHaHaHaHa! XD

If you excuse me but I have to stir my cauldron full of newts before its sticks...XD


rosie is roxy is roshan

Boy these guys are good!

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

They've got the Templars, the Illuminati and the Protocols all rolled into one delcious eggroll. The only thing misssing is the alien abductions.

Ziono-Hollywoodists, I'll definitely incorporate that one into my active vocabulary. In fact starting right now:

Of COURSE Harry Potter is a Ziono-Hollywoodist conspiracy. Who do you think Harry Potter REALLY is? He's closer among us than you may know.  C'mon, DK, think!  Those little round spectacles, that serious, intelligent, yet innocent affect...

and of course we all know who pays HIS salary...