GIVE ME BACK MY COUNTRY: Bold Poem by a fellow compatriot denounces Ahmadinejad's Iran

GIVE ME BACK MY COUNTRY: Bold Poem by a fellow compatriot denounces Ahmadinejad's Iran
by Darius Kadivar

شعری از مصطفی بادکوبه ای وقتي تو مي گويي وطن من خاک بر سر مي کنم گويي شکست شير را از موش باور ميکنم وقتي تو ميگويي وطن بر خويش مي لرزد قلم 

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Darius Kadivar

Excuse Me SPink Jaan Someone Just asked me to Translate

by Darius Kadivar on

Your Diatribe in comprehensible terms given your extraordinary academic and scholarly vocabulary::

Sargord Pirouz

I'm not the one that's sore,

by Sargord Pirouz on

I'm not the one that's sore, Darius. I'm calm in my acceptance of reality.

History? History started in '79, Darius, not 1953. Once you accept that fact, you're on the road toward reconciliation with the Meehan. Can't accept it, and you remain an irrelevant outsider, and condemned as such till the end of your days. And that's happening to the generation before you that lives in exile, and your time will inevitably come next. 

Those are the undeniable facts of life.

Darius Kadivar

Full Text

by Darius Kadivar on

وقتی تو میگویی وطن

استاد مصطفی بادکوبه ای 1389/07/28

وقتي تو مي گويي وطن
من خاک بر سر مي کنم
گويي شکست شير را
از موش باور ميکنم
وقتي تو ميگويي وطن
بر خويش مي لرزد قلم
من نيز رقص مرگ را
با او به دفتر مي کنم
وقتي تو مي گويي وطن
يکباره خشکم مي زند
وان ديده ي مبهوت را
با خون دل تَر مي کنم
بي کوروش و بي تهمتن
با ما چه گويي از وطن
با تخت جمشيد کهن من
عمر را سر مي کنم
وقتي تومي گويي وطن
بوي فلسطين مي دهي
من کي نژاد عشق با
تازي برابر مي کنم
وقتي تو مي گويي وطن
از چفيه ات خون مي چکد
من ياد قتل نفس با
الله و اکبر ميکنم
وقتي تو ميگويي وطن
شهنامه پرپر مي شود
من گريه بر فردوسي
آن پير دلاور ميکنم
بي نام زرتشت مَهين
ايران و ايراني مبين
من جان فداي آن
يکتا پيمبر مي کنم
خون اوستا در رگ
فرهنگ ايران مي دود
من آيه هاي عشق را
مستانه از بر مي کنم
وقتي تو مي گويي وطن
خون است و خشم وخودکشي
من يادي از حمام خون
در تَلِ زَعتَر(اردوگاهي در فلسطين) ميکنم
ايران تو يعني لباس تيره عباسيان
من رخت روشن بر تن
گلگون کشور مي کنم
ايران تو با ياد دين،
زن را به زندان مي کشد
من تاج را تقديم آن
بانوي برتر مي کنم
ايران تو شهر قصاص و سنگسار و دارهاست
من کيش مهر و عفو را
تقديم داور ميکنم
تاريخ ايران تو را
شمشير تازي مي ستود
من با عدالتخواهيم
يادي ز حيدر ميکنم
ايران تو مي ترسد از
بانگ نوايِ ناي و ني
من با سرود عاشقي
آن را معطر ميکنم
وقتي تو ميگويي وطن
يعني ديار يار و غم
من کي گل"اميد"را
نشکفته پر پر ميکنم

Darius Kadivar

No University Teacher of Value would Accept You in his/her Class

by Darius Kadivar on

So continue with your obnoxious attitude if it pleases you just to draw attention ...

Nobody takes you seriously here or elsewhere kid ... 

You a Sore ANONYMOUS Loser and sooner or later History will Put You and Your Likeminds where you belong: In the Dustbins !

Sargord Pirouz

You're a shortcut kinda guy,

by Sargord Pirouz on

You're a shortcut kinda guy, aren't you Darius. 

You haven't read a book in nearly two years. You respond to discussion with silly YouTube clips uploaded by others.

You're just not that serious of an individual. In a way, you're a silly caricature of the whole Iranian monarchial effort: a half-hearted, not taken seriously absurdity.

Darius Kadivar

SPink @ IRI Oon Khaso Khashak Toei !

by Darius Kadivar on

There are many Things You Never Noticed ... 

Sargord Pirouz

You're right, Darius, I

by Sargord Pirouz on

You're right, Darius, I didn't notice that. But the comments on the age of the audience remain.

Hey, like I've said many, many times, I accept things as they are, not as others imagine them to be. I'm a realist. I accept Iran for what it is, politically and socially.

I believe the key to to bettering the lives of ordinary Iranians (and to a lessor extent, we Americans) is rapprochement with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

But you irrelevant throwbacks--still stick in your 70s time warp--are part of the problem, not the solution.

I mean come on, Darius, how unrealistic is it for RP to become the next monarch of Iran? That's totally absurd. More than that, it's hair-brained. The guys never done anything in this life. He lives comfortably as an American. Honestly, I even think the guy only half-heartedly puts out efforts toward the old country. He's really turned out to be a half-hearted kind of guy.

Get your country back? Your country's there. All you gave to do is accept reality, and it's yours again. That is, if you're not engaged in seditious activities. But such is the case in any country. For what country in the world accepts active traitors in their midst? especially when that country is in the midst of a cold war with economic warfare and a whole host of external threats directed against it?

Yeah, Darius, I'll say it again: people like you are part of the problem, not the solution. 

Darius Kadivar

Screw YOU SPink They are YOUR Compatriots YOU are Insulting

by Darius Kadivar on

From the Comfort of Your American Home. GO and Live in Iran if You are So Happy about the Situation and Share their Misery.

The People who are reading this out are IN IRAN Not in some Exiled Country.


Sargord Pirouz

Look how old everyone is in

by Sargord Pirouz on

Look how old everyone is in the audience.

They're all irrelevant exiles, swept aside to a life of semi-acceptance within alien cultures that are at times hostile.

And the exile is permanent. That is to say, most will pass away far, far from the Meehan that they were rejected from.