French Intellectuals Join Iranian Freedom Rally in Paris

French Intellectuals Join Iranian Freedom Rally in Paris
by Darius Kadivar

Left To Right: Marek Halter, Socialist deputy Jack Lang, and writer Philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy listen to Iranian expat entrepreneur Amir Jahanchahi in Paris Trocadero Plaza on June 19th.

"The Iranian people are ashamed of their unelected President. It should be noted that he was elected after a mascarade of an election and an end should be put to this fraud", said Bernard-Henri Levy. The French Philosopher ( author of American Vertigo) noted the "dignity and courage" of those who are demonstrating in Iran to denounce the electoral frade and added " The international community should put its entire  influence to force a recount of the votes and allow a second election." 

An Iranian entrepreneur and political activist  Amir Jahanchahi, had called upon this rally said: "Things will evolve in Iran only if we support massively the demonstrators.", he added" Ahmadinejad HAS TO GO !".

Demonstrators wore the Badge with the incription: "Where is My Vote ?" on a green background which symbolized the campaign color of the unhappy candidate Mir Hossein Moussavi.





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I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Thank you Darius!

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

You're a genuine guy. That was one of your best essays on, in my opinion. Very honest. Even though I don't agree with you about Reza Pahlavi (he has the same ambition/motive as any other figure who has or will come to light - maybe more), I think you raised a lot of good points. I also don't think any Pahlavi can mend the issues between this religious (you know i hate religion!) class and the middle-upper class.

I have another question for you, do you think that NIAC is shocked by this? I have to say I do think so. I think that they never dreamed that their reformist candidate would have his nuts chopped off and handed to him like this. I think that this is a face saving campaign by them. They have always been pretty pro-reformist and I wonder what will come of them now.

Here's what I mean: Most of their "expertise" is based on the old Iran - not the Iran that we see exploding today. They will be useless after their reformist snakes run and hide in Lebanon and South America. 

What about you? What do you think? It's a gamble. 

Darius Kadivar

Answer to Marge

by Darius Kadivar on

I don't know if RP is in Paris at the moment but he has been giving interviews lately and was present on French Prime Time News.

The MKO is often presented in the Press as a major Opposition groupe overlooking their terrorist past.

But I don't think that the French government is trying to support the MKO unlike the Previous Socialist government of Mitterand. But some French intellectuals ( non of those mentioned here though) have been flirting with the MKO publically.

Going to several demonstrations in Paris in support of the Iranians struggle for Freedom, I was surprised to see that the organizers were actually thanking Sarkozy and the French government for their clear condemnation of the Iranian government. The demonstrations have been carefully planned so as not to support any particular political party in particular. I think this has been a healthy approach for it also sets forward Iran's civil society rather than any given political agenda other than asking for an end to the violence, a recount of the votes and a new election.

There seems that there is a much better understanding by both the media and western politicians of the Iranian people today and particularly of the Iranian Diaspora as being much more open minded and less homogenous than belonging to a given political organization could suggest. They know that Iranians here are not particularly monarchist nor Pro Rajavi and that after 30 years their political aspirations are probably more in phase with the democratic ideals and values in the Western Democracies.

That said Reza Pahlavi has a relatively good press here in both right wing and left wing press be it Le Figaro, Liberation or Le Monde particularly since he proved all the so called "experts" on Iran wrong in his numerous interviews prior to the riots where he predicted an upheaval.


At first most journalists, and  intellectuals or university researchers didn't take him seriously and were even hostile in some debates thinking that he was exagerating about the level of unpopularity of the regime only to promote his own political agenda. 

But recent events proved him right and he is being taken much more seriously not just as an expert or potential rival to the regime but as someone who is in touch with the realities of his country.

RP with French Intellectuals on French Talk Show:


How much can that help his own political career or chances of leading a Real opposition to the Regime and a pragmatic alternative to the current theocracy in the future I don't know ? ...

But his last book was a real opportunity to answer tough questions regarding his father's reign and the accountability of the monarchy in general for the mistakes and crimes committed in that era. So I think that he does come across as someone who is a patriot and genuinely dedicated to the cause of freedom and democracy.

Latest Interview on Australian TV:


He also keeps on insisting on the need towards a kind of an Iranian Solidarnosc :

REZA's CALL:An Iranian Solidarnosc...  by DK

Is RP's approach the solution to Iran's problems ? I don't know but I think it would be an error to dismiss him only on grounds that he was born with a silver spoon in the mouth.

The Guy is Intelligent. He has made mistakes and he is not flawless but I think one should look at him not particularly as a leader but simply as an opportunity or "Catalyst" for Change.

He is after all what the Regime detests most and symbolizes what they have been fighting all these years. So this in itself can be an asset to rally people around a common cause to bring down the regime. In addition unlike the MKO, RP is not leading a particular party not even the Constitutional Party so that gives him some leverage to be above political rivalries or any ideological agenda.

Given the vacuum of leadership today, I think it would be wise to rally around someone whom we know both the weekness' and strengths rather than follow an enigmatic leader from "Ahdeh Boogh" that no one knows anything about like was the case for Khomeiny who was unpredictable and who managed to not only fool his followers but the country at large.

The Age of Divine Kingship in Iran IS OVER !

I am Not certain However that the Age of Kingship in its Constitutional Form however is Over. RP from this point of view seems like the best person to take upon such a role if the people chose RESTORATION  Over REVOLUTION So to speak. In that he would become a symbol of national reconciliation but also restoration of Iran's identity. But Restoration does not mean that we will rewrite history or restore lost priviladges. A King or Member of the Royal Family will be subject to the same laws as anyother citizen. No one can be above the law. This is the case in all Constitutional Monarchies from the UK to Spain or North European kingdoms.

Divine Kingship was over the day the Revolution triumphed in Iran only that we replaced an Absolute King by an Absolute Mullah.

So if RP were to succeed ( which is still to be proven) he cannot become an Absolute monarch neither in the face of his people or in the face of the international community given that he has been making public declarations today that would be used against him if he were to behave the opposite in the future.

I personally would be more worried by ANY Iranian aspiring to become a President ( Maryam Rajavi and her husband Massoud being one sad example) in that they would probably tend to become dictators like in South America in the 70's or like in most countries in the region.

Democracy is a culture that we need to learn and absorb. The experience of the last 30 years have proven the failure in terms of government. But the events in Iran today truly prove that Iranians are more than anything aspiring to democracy and respect of their individual rights.

This is something that no politician not even an aspiring Monarch or President can ignore.

That's Why I support RP more than anyother Iranian in the Political Arena. Can someone else play a similar role or better role ? Most Probably Yes and maybe even would be more qualified or meritant. But at What Price for our community and society ? Should we take to risk of following any unknown and enigmatic public figure who would be driven by personal ambition rather than care for their countrymen and women ?

If there is an ambition in RP I think at worst it is to clean the reputation  (True or False )of the Pahlavi's as having been ruthless dictators and careless about their people. At Best I think his ambition is to simply serve his country as Constitutional King or simple citizen. He has also said that he did not see himself as a President if Iranians were to choose a Republican form of government.

I leave it to people to draw their own conclusions as to his sincerity or chances ...

But I think that what truly matters is to offer Iranians an Alternative for a better and different future than what they have or are faced with today. However Democracy ( Constitutional and Secular Monarchy or Secular Republic) and Human Rights have to be the common denominators.

My Humble Opinion,






I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

DK I have a question

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

I hear that Reza Pahlavi is in Paris. Does he feel safe there? All those MEK running around. They would never ever let him move freely, would they? I hope that the French aren't trying to pit these two factions against each other. 

Jahanshah Rashidian

Bonne Lutte

by Jahanshah Rashidian on

Merci pour la diffusion et bonne lutte!


I am the only Christian on

by cezare on

I am the only Christian on this Blog? God I hope not! If you are it is
time to speak up for Him. These young people should know that they
don't have to die in cold blood when Christ died for them. Those who
mock their own creator have a thing coming to them. And I am not
ralking about the moon god "Allah." There is a grave waiting for
everyman. Some will go earlier than others and those who encourage
death instead of life are the real enemy. 

The Iranian peopel are not aquainted with the true and only God
their savior; all they know is the fake God Allah! It is our duty as
Christians who are in the land of the free to impart this knowledge of
truth to these young people. Human beings by nature love the smell of
blood including Mossavi and all who favor the protests. There will be
more blood shed. I hope you all will take a good look at the mirror to
see the reflection of evil those who went to sleep after seeing the
death of that young woman live on TV.

Wisdom belongs to the humble man. The most precious asset of a human
being. Are you humble those of you who call for another bloody
revolution? First make a revolution in your heart then you will see the
power you will be imparted from above. Those of you unbelievers may
scoff and laugh it off. But you won't laugh when your grave will call
you. Mosavi, be a man and defend the truth if you dare. Proclaim jesus
Christ as your savior. Your call to martyrdom is only good for your own
cause and not the cause of souls.  You want to be a true friend and
advocate of the oppressed, call upon all to embrace the Great Savior
God who has shown favor to you in the first place.