FIRMLY OPPOSED TO WAR ! says Reza Pahlavi


Darius Kadivar
by Darius Kadivar


Below is an interview given to Arab Daily Al-Watan by Iran's Former Crown Prince and heir to the Peacock Throne. I leave the interpretation or pertinence of this publication to your own judgment.



"I have vociferously rejected and expressed my opposition to any kind of military action against my homeland!" - Reza Pahlavi to Al-Watan Daily

Q1- What is your evaluation of the current Iranian policy in general?

A1- One has to look at the fundamental nature of the clerical regime in order to understand its true and ultimate intentions. Since its advent in 1979, the regime’s leaders – starting with Khomeini himself – set out to export their radical ideology to the region and beyond. The primary mission (raison d’être) of the regime is to convert other regimes to its own mold with the goal of establish a modern-day Islamic Shi’ite Caliphate. It is so stated and defined in its Constitution as well as that of the Pasdaran’s (Revolutionary Guards).

To accomplish this, the regime has to a) maintain repression domestically; and b) create diversions internationally (region) to shift attention away from its own shortcomings.

Q2- Do you aim at regaining the throne of Iran?

A2- To me it is the content and not the form of Iran’s future government that matters most. My current political mission and role is the leading of a vigorous campaign against the clerical regime with the sole goal of forcing its demise, replacing it with a modern, secular, democratic parliamentary system. This mission will end, in its current form, the day my compatriots go to the polls and freely choose for themselves their desired form of representative government. Beyond that point, my fate will be decided by the Iranian people whom I stand ready to serve in whatever capacity they deem me fit.

Q3- How do you evaluate the recurring executions carried out in Iran?

A3- The regime maintains its suffocating grip over the citizens by using brute force and repression of dissent. Gruesome acts of public executions are barbaric methods and chilling reminders of the fate of dissenters in Iran. Through fear and humiliation, the regime commands submission. Public stoning of women and the execution of underage youth are revolting reminders of the regime’s callous disregard for human life, dignity and civility.

Q4- What is your vision of the relations of Arab countries with Iran?

A4- First and foremost, a democratic government which would inherently be answerable, accountable and responsible to its citizens would be compelled to create and maintain an atmosphere of warm and sincere relationship with its immediate neighbors. Coveted for our energy reserves, our region has been subject to the tugs of rivalries and manipulations between East and West, or North and South, as during the Cold War. Today we have a variation of the same conflicts manifesting themselves in different forms including the danger of militancy and proliferations of an arms race.

We must address our futures collectively by rebuilding our alliances, strengthening our cultural bonds, resolving old conflicts, and investing within the region. Time heals all wounds as strong roots breed new life. Our history and destinies are inseparable deeply rooted and a common bond of tradition. I am hopeful in my generation and have seen among my good friends in the region the real possibilities that await our horizon.

Q5- How do you find the Iranian threat to the gulf countries regarding using the sleeping cells to carry out violent actions?

A5- This is the unfortunate nature of the militant regime ruling my homeland. Its commitment to the export of its ideology takes many forms; the most troubling of which is the free use of terrorism and support of militancy as a tool of foreign policy. To reach its grand vision of Shi’aa hegemony, it will not hesitate to use any method necessary to convert its neighbors, even at the expense of destabilizing them.

Q6- Where do you classify Reza Pahlavi in the Iranian opposition list?

A6- Simply that my role is inclusively unique, in that I play a pivotal role in unifying all factions on common grounds and against one common enemy.

Q7- Do you expect an American attack against Iran?

A7- I have vociferously rejected and expressed my opposition to any kind of military action against my homeland! There is a much better way – far less costly and more legitimate – to put an end to the principal source of militancy in our region: Supporting the people of Iran, as the most natural ally to the free world in their quest to rid themselves of the clerical regime. A combination of domestic pressure coupled with a cohesive international economic and diplomatic pressure will enable the people of Iran, an “army in place,” to rid themselves of the regime. It however very much concerns me that due to the mounting domestic problems the regime is faced with, it may in fact invite and seek such a confrontation.

Q8- What is your stance regarding the Iranian nuclear activities?

A8- It is quite telling that the very same countries which used to compete with each other to sell nuclear energy technology to Iran prior to Islamic Republic are today joining force to impose sanctions on the clerical regime in an attempt to prevent it from possessing it! This issue is about transparency, trust and accountability.

The clerical regime’s three decade long track record, its totalitarian nature, its domestic repression, its support for terrorism, its regional adventurism and lack of transparency on the very subject has rightly caused the international community to suspect the regime’s intent.

The regime plays on the nationalistic argument of Iran’s sovereign right to the technology. They need to be reminded that Iran had that right before they came to power. As a matter a fact, it is their behavior which is the cause for Iran today to be denied the privilege. For a regime that has violated just about any international charter and regulations, they cannot invoke the NPT only when it suits their purpose, and violate it by the same token when it does not.

But let us understand the ultimate logic behind the regime’s quest for the bomb. Be it via manufacturing or acquisition, the clerical regime views the bomb as its key to survival. Why? Because it will serve as a counterweight to the inferiority of its conventional military capabilities against the West. Under a nuclear umbrella, the regime would be able to continue its support of terrorism, undermine the region, holding it hostage with the ultimate goal to institutionalize itself.

The question is can the world afford that moment? I do not think so.

Q9- What is your view of Arab ethnicities in Iran?

A9- Iran is a country of 70 million people. It has been for centuries a mosaic of different ethnic groups, cultures and religions. The richness of Iran’s civilization stems from the many cultures and ethnicities we have. Out identity is an actual collection and infusion of multiple unique identities that have lived together through the ages.

From my point of view, whether Kurdish, Arab, Balouch or Azari, whether Shia, Sunni, Christian or Jewish, every Iranian citizen has to feel and be equal under the law, with full protection and practical sense of common ownership and belonging to the nation. The only way to guarantee this is through the rule of law and practice of a democratic, secular Constitution based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This is what I subscribe to, and have pledged to attain for my homeland.

Q10- Do you dream of being shah of Iran? If it happens, how will you deal with the gulf countries, especially Kuwait?

A10- I dream of helping liberate my homeland from this transient medieval system of clerical rule. It is the Iranian people whose dream and decision will determine the final form of our future constitution and government. Having said that, and in view of my homelands culture and history, I am confident that a modern constitutional monarchy, similar to that of Japan, Spain, UK and Sweden, will be perfectly capable in institutionalizing democracy and help usher in modernity, progress and development.

As to Iran’s regional policy, it will, of course, be set by our future government and shall be reflective of the will of the Iranian people who aspire to a strong bond and friendly relations with all our neighbors. Personally however I am fully certain that a different era awaits our region, one which will be based on friendship, security and prosperity for our peoples. Relationships are based on individual decisions and actions. My generation will not loose a day or an opportunity to reach out to our neighbors. We have little time to waist and it can only be spent on building friendship and trust, and not by breeding conflict.

As for Kuwait we are particularly proud of the strong bond and friendship that exits between our two people with so many of our families having built strong foundations of common heritage through extended multi-generational linkage.

Q11- What is your vision to the Iranian dispute with the Emirates over the three islands?

A11- Again, we have much more in common with our Emirate brothers than needs to be built upon. The era of conflict and confrontation will be replaced with one of trust, friendship and regional prosperity.

Q12- Do you think that Iran interferes negatively in the Iraqi issue?

A12- Clearly there is plenty of circumstantial as well as concrete evidence pointing to this fact. The reason for this is two folds: a) the clerical regime could not have sat aside idly and watch its neighbor set the precedence of stability, modernity and a secular democratic state; b) the ability to sustain chaos gives the Islamic republic to set the stage for an opportunity to replicate itself in a land which is home to Najaf and Karbala, shiism’s two holiest cities.


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Nothing is sacred eh?

by pissed (not verified) on

JJ you are a fucking hypocrite. Nothing is sacred here as long as nobody calls RP 1/2 pahlavi. Otherwise, things are sacred and comments get deleted.


Mahmoud Ghaffari khoskhol

by pejiwegi (not verified) on

Mahmoud Ghaffari khoskhol toro migan... Areh Amrika delesh barayeh ma sookhteh.. jamesh kon baba.. "surgical Ametrican attack" yeah just like the one in Iraq.. get a life and pull yr head out of uncle sam's ass..


Reza Pahlavi's way is also Islamic.

by John Carpenter (not verified) on

Reza Pahlavi is just plain wrong.

He is not fit to be king.

Iran should be a republic.

The Monarchy is Iran is dead and gone. It's been dead since 1979.

Anyone who supports monarvhy in Iran is just plain stupid.

Iran should be a republic like the U.S., Italy, and France.

Stop the madness.

Fight back against the ignorance of Reza Pahlavi the Green Card holder living in Maryland.

Reza Pahlavi has lived outside Iran since 1979. He has no job. Where did the money come from? From poor Iranians who were cheated since 1979.

Reza Pahlavi is a welfare recipient and 70 million have suffered because of him, his father Mohammad and his grand father Reza Khan.

The Pahlavis ruined Iran. And they were all named Arab names in order to fool the Iranian Shia Muslim masses. All they did was steal from the Iranian people and flee the country with Iranian Rials to live in Africa and the U.S.A.

The Pahlavis are the enemies of more than 70 million Iranians.

The Pahlavis should never be able to return to Iran. They should never be able to speak or write farsi.

The Pahlavis aren't Iranians they are theives. They are homeless refugees. They should be ashamed of stealing from 70 million brave Iranians.


Mahmoud Ghaffari ...on what do you base this.........

by Sasha on

On what information do you base the following statement? I need clarification.


Mahmoud Ghaffari:"One hundred thousand dead, doing it the American way or 3 million dead doing it the Islamic way."


I wonder how many died in Iraq and Afghanistan when the American's did it their way? Hmmmmmmmmm


Anyone on this thread know this statistical information? It would be an interesting comparison.





It is precisely what you said that Makes Mohamad Reza Just

by Mahmoud Ghaffari (not verified) on

Mr. Carpenter;
Your last sentece is in itself the justification of your long statement against the Pahlavis. If Mohamad Reza was unjust he could have ordered the execution of Khomeini upon his return. His thoughr was on the hegemony of the country that he left it in the hands of these goons. Does any one for a minute think that when the end is at hand for the Islamic Regime they will leave without masascring at leats three million. Of course they will, it is the nature of Islam to pave a path of death and destruction behind it. Precisley why a surgical Ametrican attack on the regime would be the least bloody solution. One hundred thousand dead, doing it the American way or 3 million dead doing it the Islamic way. You choose......


It has been close to 29 years since Feb 11, 1979

by John Carpenter (not verified) on

It's been over 28 years. Isn't it time for Reza Pahlavi to stop asking to be king. He has become one sick joke. I don't think any logical person takes him seriously anymore. Constitutional monarchy like Japan and other places? Iran tried that with the constitutional movement. Unfortunately, both the Qajars and the Pahlavis disregarded the pre-Iranian revolution constitution. That is why there was a revolution in 1979. The Pahlavis were unjust, they refused to execute the rule of law. The people overthrew them. If Reza Pahlavi states that his father and grandfather were dictators who disregarded the Iranian Constitution at the time maybe we can say he is objective. It is high time that Reza Pahlavi answer for his father and grandfather's mistakes. Then and only then can we move on.
By the way, it was Reza Pahlavi's father Mohammad who let the Ayat'Allah Khomeini back into Iran by ordering his Generals in Tehran to permit the Ayat'Allah to land in Tehran's Mehr'Abad Airport


by Aydin Aghdashloo

by Raha (not verified) on


Don't get mad for nothing

by antimaniac (not verified) on

Don't get mad for nothing kamangir!
You got me wrong! I was not talking about Reza Pahlavi. I like him... Believe me.
I was talking about Old Timer who wants to bomb Iran for the sake of saving humanity! And as I understand you don't like that now, right! So calm down and don't go mad... Take it easy... Sit down... Have a glass of water...
OK, man, do you feel better now? Now deraz bekesh va ye filmeh khoob bebin va bekhab... and don't foget your medicament before sleep.


To: Antimaniac

by Kamangir on

You, your khomeini, anatarinejad, khamenei, rafsanjani and all other crazy 'subjects' including your jackass friend (rajavi) are the only true maniacs. The wisdom, prestige and understanding of my prince, Reza Pahlavi, are just beyond your understanding.

You and your kind, may live in the west, may think that you're part of something. Stick to your aftabeh and aftabehnejad, jackass!


There you go! The maniac

by antimaniac (not verified) on

There you go! The maniac comes again! Hey Kamangir your former buddy is back, don't you want to welcome him?!


Reza Pahlavi like his father is wrong when it comes to sheding

by Old Timer (not verified) on

blood. America needs to bomb the mullahs and their killing machinery. Bombing the Islamic Republic of Mullahs, the IRGCs, Basijis, and their thugs is good for America and the free world.



by Farrohk (not verified) on

Do you really believe that an online petition of 1600 signatures (soon growing to 10000 or something) will force mollahs out of office and put Reza Shah II in the Niavaran Palace for us, so every thing will be happily ever after?
Asked about my suggestion? Instead of worshiping and blindly following another "leader", we Iranians need to first teach ourselves how to become independent, educate ourselves on how democracy works, respect each others views, practice tolerance, and be ready to sacrifice individual interests for the sake of the sum. As you can see from the comments on this site, we can't even stand each others' opposing opinions. As long as we think and behave this way, there are always Shahs and Khomeinis out there ready to take advantage of us.



by Anonymous1326 (not verified) on

This petition is online, new and growing. if you feel that you want to stick to Islamic regime then so be it. You can sit and watch what others do but, if you think something needs to be done then, you must take action. If you do not agree with those who believe Reza Pahlavi can help then bring your own suggestion about what needs to be done and who should we trust.


He is always a little too late

by Abarmard on

Unfortunately the "prince" Reza Pahlavi always stands too little too late. Still interesting. Thanks DK


RE: The best possible solution

by Farrokh (not verified) on
Wow! 1677 signatures to return the prince back to Iran! You must be joking. You think 70 million Iranians are that dumb to accept him and go back to monarchy again! Isn't thirty something years of his father's tyranny and twenty something years of another dark dictatorship enough? Why do we Iranians have to worship someone all the time. If it's not the Shah, it's Khomeini. And If it's not Khomeini, it's another Shah again! (a vicious cycle!). Only fools repeat their mistakes.


Re: Abbas Mirza

by jamshid on

It seems that we are in partial agreement. Rubbing elbows with foreign powers does not by itself determine if a leader is a sellout or not.


But it is a historical fact that Ebrahim Yazdi was a middle man between Khomeini and the CIA in 1978. This has been documented by Yazdi himself. I don't believe in khomeini's ideology even a bit, but I'll be the first to say that khomeini's itention in rubbing elbows with the US and west in general was not to sellout Iran to them. He had his own plans and ideas (to which I am opposed anyway).


You claim Reza is rubbing elbows with neocons. Do you know his intentions?

Is he making secret deals with neocons, selling out Iran's and Iranians' future in exchange for his return to power?

Is he "using" them as a leverage to serve the purpose of setting Iranians free form IRI?

Did he talk about the violation of every human right by IRI in Iran against the people of Iran?

Was he encouraging war in his speeches? Or was he firmly opposing it and discouraging neocons from a war?


I don't believe Reza wants to sellout Iran any more than you or I would want to. I believe he has the interests of the Iranian people in mind as much as you and I do. I don't see him as a power hungry Iranian who just wants to return to power for his palace, royal treatment and unlilmited perks. I truley believe he wants a free and progressive Iran where people could live the good life they deserve.


True, your ideology may be different than him, but that's another entirely different department.


Bache Shah Boro Gomsho

by Ashraf Pahlavi (not verified) on



King of Kings Soon

by humble subject (not verified) on

Now that Soharab Ferdows confirms Reza Shah II as a good guy I feel I like him too. Why not trying him as King of Kings for 30 years or so?
God Bless America.


The best possible solution

by Sohrab_Ferdows on

Reza Pahlavi is the only quick solution for Iranians out of this mess that was created originally with the help of same kind of pseudo intellectualistic nonsense which plenty of that is available here. During last 29 years, except Prince Reza Pahlavi, no one of Iranian known political and non-political nationalist figures have ever shown any real interest to take any step in direction of helping the nation against tyranical regime that was established with the help of many of the same people.


The role and effect of Reza Pahlavi's activities in raising awareness about disastrous conditions in Iran for governments and humanitarian institutions and organizations is undisputable. Taking advantage of his own privileges as a well known figure among Iranians and in political community of the world, he has managed to draw attention of the world to seriousness of the problems in Iran through numerous interviews and speeches. He has provided non-military solutions in order to avoid confrontaions between Islamic regime and the rest of the world from which Islamic Republic will be the sole beneficiary.



Prince Reza Pahlavi has not claimed any special status for himself even though many Iranians beleive that he should. Himself has stated this many times that it will be up to Iranians to decide what role he should have in Iran and that's why some Iranians have decided to ask him to step up his actions to form a coallition from willing and interested Iranian opposition figures inside and outside the country to lead our nation out of current situation. Raise your voice and take action if you believe in doing something to SOLVE the problems for our nation. Here it is:

Rosie T.


by Rosie T. on

well you know this is a very large site and different people read different things and no one can possibly be privy to everything so your impressions are going to be different from mine about what the "sampling" is of the general viewpoint(s) represented on this site.  I've given you my honest empirically-based assessment, and I can't do any more than that.

But it's ironic, isn't it, that you think it's a haven for irrelevant Tehrangeles-based Shahis, yet under JJ's recent photo essay "Daughter of the Revolution,"  the "ultra"-Shahis all thought it was an IRI site (with me in JJ's pay as a "Hezbolaahi stooge!!!")..... and one even left the site in protest.....

So what can I say?  When I organize our website picnic at Los Alamos, there will be many activities, including square dancing, marshmallow roasts, and volleyball (with jj's image painted on the ball...)...The teams will be named Shahparast and Akhoond Apologists, among others...and well...just kidding!  (About the picnic, not about the names of the teams... )  :D



To Rosie

by AAA (not verified) on

Rosie you said:
"In my assessment having diligently read this website now for weeks, and viewing it as a FAIRLY legitimate barometer of EXPAT opinion on Iran..."
With all due respect, I think your assessment is incorrect. This site is not even close to being a legitimate barometer of anything let alone that of expat opinion. At best this site could be described as a heaven for a tiny and vocal number of expats who are predominately in the US and more specifically the Tehrangeles type. It is highly skewed towards the Pahlavi crowd which is a good indication that it it on the fringe and not even close to representing the Iranians in diaspora. My 2 cents.



by AAA (not verified) on

Q11- What is your vision to the Iranian dispute with the Emirates over the three islands?

A11- Again, we have much more in common with our Emirate brothers than needs to be built upon. The era of conflict and confrontation will be replaced with one of trust, friendship and regional prosperity.
What a weasel. Why doesn't he re-iterate the rightful Iranian ownership of these island insteads of dodging the question? And this "patriot" wants to run Iran? Sounds like the first thing he would do is to give those islands up as soon as he assumes power. Why are are those arab-hating Reza parasts so quiet on this one? Come on folks, lets hear it. Your hero is referring to them EyRabs as brothers. Isn't that a sin in our books?

Rosie T.

To pro-Sasha - What do you and Sasha understand?

by Rosie T. on

With all due respect, Sasha understands you far better than you do...You wrote:

"all most of us want is this: How to get rid of mullahs by 'any price' whatsoever and bring back the royal family to Iran."

In my assessment having diligently read this website now for weeks, and viewing it as a FAIRLY legitimate barometer of EXPAT opinion on Iran...

1) SOME of you want to get rid of the mullahs at "any price" EXCEPT military intervention; SOME of you want to get rid of the mullahs at "any price" EXCEPT military intervention AND hard-core sanctions; SOME of you want to get rid of the mullahs at any price INCLUDING military intervention (fortunately this view is shifting); and some of  you don't want to get rid of the mullahs with outside intervention at all because you feel the change must be a process from within since foreign intervention has historically been the scourge of Iran.  Opinion is quite divided, often polarized,  and only now is a serious discussion about finding common ground beginning to flourish. 


2)   SOME of you want to bring the royal family back and SOME of you don't.  I'm using "some" here loosely because the topic is too loaded. There is NO numerical cconnotation to this word "some".  "Some" in this case simply refers to "a sizable voice" on BOTH sides. 


Sasha understands what you don't understand:  she understands you're dreaming.  Yes, you're dreaming and  you're NOT listening to the hamvatans you claim to know so well.  And so you can only claim to "understand" your hamvatans better than she does inasmuch as you are JUST LIKE so many of them; so you know what it FEELS like to live in an ideological bubble of WHATEVER stripe.. and Sasha doesn't.....

But you don't understand you're dreaming and Sasha does.  And she understands how DANGEROUS this is because she understands that EVERYONE WHO WANTS A PARLIAMENTARY DEMOCRACY FOR IRAN IS ON THE SAME SIDE.  (I'm assuming you want a parliamentary democracy as most "Shahis" on this site seem to....Because if you DON'T, you are REALLY represent a VERY small minority opinion). 

A friend of mine made a film about the Sufis of Kurdistan and the Kalifeh said "all rose gardens in Kurdistan have walls."  The same may be said of the classical "baaq" throughout all Iran, the magnificent, but walled-in, lush garden; and the rose of course in Sufism is a metaphor for the human heart's struggle for fullness and unity.  Sasha understands you very well.  She understands that the rose of far too many Iranians' hearts and minds has been hiding behind these walls for far too long.  She's a fresh voice speaking to you from BEYOND YOUR WALLS.

Suggest you listen to her. Carefully.

If you are truly "pro-Sasha", you will find an infinite garden out there with roses beyond your wildest dreams....

Rosie T.

Up Against the Wall


passing judgement

by AAA (not verified) on

Judge a man not by what he says but by what company he keeps. Forget was he says. He is in the company of neocon warmongers. That says it all. End of story.



by Abbas Mirza (not verified) on

Your post is so full of factual historical errors and hyperboles that I don't even know where to begin.
Let's split the people under discussion in to two groups. Those who are holding the government (IR, Mossadegh, Shah) and those who are outside of the government (Reza, Mojaheds, Bakhtiar when he met saddam etc)
Those who are holding the government have no choice, right or wrong, but to interact with foreigners whether friend or foe. It is part of the responsibilities of running a country. So the examples you provided here in this category are not applicable to this discussion. That's not to say you can't find any nowkars in this category. You sure can and Mohammad Reza is a prime example.
Those outside of the government who associate with foreigners on the other hand, could easily be defined as traitors or nowkar depending on who they associate with. Just because we have had lots of them in our history doesn't mean I have to "get used to it" or like it.
The fact is, and you have not in any way tried to address this, Reza is associating with people who are advocating a war with Iran. Yet he claims to be anti-war. This at the very least could be called hypocracy.
It is hypocritical of Reza to say he is against war and yet go to conferences and give speeches at forums put together by the neocons who can't wait to do with Iran what they did with Iraq.
He must take us Iranians for fools and judging by some of the posts here, he is partially correct.
And no, I will not get use to this and will yell out loud against it every chance I get. Now, you get used to that!
ps. What Abbas means in Arabic is irrelevant.


Too Little Too Late

by Rend-e Maykhaaneh (not verified) on

Reza Pahlavi was never an option for Iran. However, he became a hated figure because of his association with Neocons. So, the notion that Reza Pahlavi is now opposed to war is a little manipulative. But it will not work because Iranians do not forget things like these very easily.


God bless America, God bless

by Maer (not verified) on

God bless America, God bless Iran,
God bless true democracy for the whole world!


He is trying but he has a long way to go........

by kurdish warrior (not verified) on

Reza Pahlavi unlike his father who was a dictator is trying hard to unite the oppositions but he has a long way to go in order to prove him self that he is not his father. I'm against monarchy however because he is on of not that many anti IRI groups who actually sat down with minority oppositions and discussed some sensitive issues including federalism, then I guess he should be given some role in the future of Iran, a secular federal Iran, not an Iran with monarchy.

Ben Madadi

Reza who?!

by Ben Madadi on

What did he say?!