Film Trailer for Stoning of Soraya M.

Film Trailer for Stoning of Soraya M.
by Darius Kadivar

Fereydoun Sahebjam's bestselling novel based on a True Story about Stoning In Iran  entitled The Stoning of Soraya M. now a major Motion Picture directed by Cyrus Nowrasteh Starring Shohreh Aghdashloo, Mozhan Marnò, James Caviezel,Navid Negahban, and Parviz Sayyad ( See full cast)

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I dont know if I will ever see this movie

by floridavoice (not verified) on

Last week I read another news about the three girls in balouchestan that were buried alive by their own fathers and relatives! I dont' know why I even read these things or see the videos on youtube regarding these inhumane/barbaric acts.. how can I see this movie??? I have been in doubled up since I have read the news on the girls from the stomach pain. If I dont read or see then I dont think it exists! but it does exist and now how can I change it? I am not able to change anything??? can I sit here and watch but not do anything for those girls and the rest that are subjected to such acts??????

Azarin Sadegh

The book as I remember

by Azarin Sadegh on

Dear Darius,

I had read Sahebjam's book when I was in France and as I remember Soraya was pure and innocent. Her condemnation was mainly because she refused to sleep with the village's Mullah. But I am happy that such a movie is made (especially after the world has seen the details of such barbarian acts committed by religious and faithful on Doa Aswad). I hope the movie manages to show a bit of the horrors of stoning.

Yes! You’re right. The more a society is civilized and human, there's less and less of torture and death penalty and painful punishments. (I remember watching a documentary about Sweden's wasn't that bad at all! Especially that at that time me and  my husband were living in a 24 m² studio in Courbevoie with the view on a brick wall! Thoase prisoners had great individual rooms with TV and view to a lovely park, access to a great library and really nice cafeteria...) Unfortunately it seems that there are only a few European countries where this type of belief is applied as part of part of their official laws.

And then...there are so many places where the laws are written by god almighty himself! 

I just read about the Pakistanis girls buried alive just because they wanted to choose their husband...But what do you expect from the followers of a god that would burn eternally those who might dare not believing in him.

Darius Jan, between us, how would it be possible to hear such horrific news and still feel healthy, sane or beautiful? How would it be possible to inhale the air of such a poisonous world in and still to exhale out life as a human? You have no idea how disgusted I am at this moment and how ugly I feel as a human being... How many more movies should be made before this angry god be tossed out of our lives for good?


Darius Kadivar

Azarin Sadegh

by Darius Kadivar on

 Instead I would suggest a healthy mind in a healthy body for all. I am sure youre beautiful avatar would agree too. Those who commit such crimes are often the product of a sick society. Society should always feel responsible but not accountable for such actions. That is Justice evolves with the values that society has set for itself. The more civilized the less cruel the punishments. That is why modenr prisons  lets say for sex crimes ( which is not the case of Soraya M. who is on the contrary the victime of something which is not considered a "crime" by any civilized society today) try and offer medical solutions ( in the worse cases chemical castration) or sexual therapy to cure criminal sexual impulses like for rapists, perverted criminals, pedophilia ( to be distinguished from homosexuality). It is a very difficult issue that deserves debate between laywers, judges, and psychologists. No society has the appropriate response to such crimes. In the case of Soraya M. however it is less about a crime she commited ( i.e. adultery ) according to Islamic laws but more about the nature of the punishment delivered for an action that society dissaproves. That is how I understood the novel by Fereydoune Sahebjam. I don't know if the film delivers the same message or is faithful to the original plot. Movie adaptations tend to be often an adaptation and personal interpretation of a director and crew. I need to see the film first before being able to comment on its originality or quality despite a great cast. Lets hope for the better.

 warm regards Azarin Jan as always,


Azarin Sadegh

A reminder of Doa Aswad's life and death

by Azarin Sadegh on

Thanks Darius for the trailer!

It reminded me of the youtube video of Doa's stoning...the videao that had made me sick for days. I hope this movie is also going to make sick anyone who is going to watch it...I guess there are moment that we should hope for the sickness instead of health, or for death (a quick death) instead of life (a life in pain).

Thanks, Azarin