Faramarz Aslani Profile by Bebin TV

Faramarz Aslani Profile by Bebin TV
by Darius Kadivar

An intimate portrait on career and life of singer. composer Faramarz Aslani by Bebin TV.


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I must be one of his first few hundred fans

by bigFan (not verified) on

I have been following his music since high school; and at my age that is saying a lot. But, I was very much disappointed by his performance at the Colburn School of Music in LA on the October 28, 2007. He appeared as unprofessional as one could get. He appeared as if he did not remember the lyrics, and was out of sync with the band. I always assumed there is a good explanation for that disaster; maybe be he was disappointed and was intentionally behaving badly (civil disobedience). I will be lucky to hear an explanation of that night’s performance. It will mend my long time admiration of him.


I love this man

by rainbowcountery on


I have been listening to his songs since they were first published