EMINENT PERSIANS: Arash Derambarsh Future French President?


EMINENT PERSIANS: Arash Derambarsh Future French President?
by Darius Kadivar

Arash Derambarsh is a First generation French-Iranian with Political ambitions and proud of his persian roots. He is also a successful and prolific book editor at the "Cherche Midi Editeur". Photo at Elysée Palace 14th of July Garden Party.

He has also been very active in voicing the plight of his fellow compatriots back in Iran during demonstrations in Support of the Green Movement.

Arash Derambarsh : discours pour la démocratie en Iran !:

Arash Derambarsh : débat sur le livre numérique:

Arash Derambarsh à l'émission Cactus:

Arash derambarsh telematin france 2 20/11/07

Debate about Facebook elections:

Good Luck and all the Best in Your Career Arash Jaan !

See Arash's Blog:



Born on 25th of July 1979 in Paris to Iranian Parents who fled Iran during the Islamic Revolution. Attached to secular and republican values, Arash Derambarsh joins the French RPR party at 20 and works successively at the Office of Foreign Affaires (Asie-Océanie Department 2003-04), Interior Affairs (2005) with Nicholas Sarkozy as boss, and parliment assistant of French deputy Michel Hunault (Loire-Atlantique) (2005-2006). National Advisor to UDF party from 2003 to 2007, he publishes his first book in 2006 at Ramsay Editions forwarded by France Inter journalist Jean-François Achilli: "Comment Peut-On être de Droite aujourd'hui?". He is currently director of the "political and public personalites" department at the Cherche Midi Editeur publishing house.   

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Darius, you look way more...

by Ostaad on

presidential that this dude. I know your main ambition is to be a "queen", but If you ever decided to run for the President of the French Republic, or any republic, I'd gladly vote for you.

Wouldn't it be fantastic to watch your inauguration on YouTube?!!!

FYI.  I don't think you take a backseat to anyone, specially is kid, in the "good looks" department, pal.