DUBBED IN PERSIAN: A Pocket Full of Miracles (1961)


DUBBED IN PERSIAN: A Pocket Full of Miracles (1961)
by Darius Kadivar

Frank Capra's Classic Dramedy ( comedy & Drama) starring Glenn Ford, Bette Davis, Peter Falk (with his  Sotefan Colombo voice) and Hope Lange in the story of Boozy, Apple Annie, a beggar with a basket of apples, is as much as part of downtown New York as old Broadway itself.

A Pocket Full of Miracles (1961) DUBBED IN PERSIAN:

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Apple Annie (Bete Davis) is an alcoholic beggar who sells apples and controls the beggary in Broadway area. Dave the Dude Conway (Glenn Ford) is a prominent gangster, who believes that Annie's apples are magic and brings `good luck' to him. Elizabeth 'Queenie' Martin (Hope Lange) is his lover, and she wants to get married with him and move to Maryland, to have children. One day, Annie receives a letter from her daughter Louise (Ann Margret, making her debut on the screens), who lives in Spain. She informs that she is going to get married with the son of a Count, and her future father-in-law is coming to New York with them to visit her. Annie becomes desperate and Dude decides to help her, pretending she is from the high-society of New York. This is another wonderful Frank Capra's magic movie. Indeed, it is a fairy tale. The cast, direction and screenplay are delightful and although being talkative and long, it is such a good film that the viewer does not feel the time passing. Bete Davis has another outstanding performance, as usual, very well supported by the magnificent cast. Highly recommended as a family entertainment.

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Darius Kadivar

If I do find it I will ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on


I think the guy who did Colombo was a famous Iranian actor who died recently I forgot his name. He had a Charlie Chaplin moustache too.



by fozolie on


If you find Eldorado in Persian please post it. I remember John Wayne dubbed with a Loutie accent walking into the bar going "mo aleikum". It was fab.

Mr. Fozolie