Diplomatic History: Persian Ambassador at French Court of King Louis XIV


Diplomatic History: Persian Ambassador at French Court of King Louis XIV
by Darius Kadivar

Antoine Coypel depiction of Louis XIV greeting Mohamed Bakhtiary Bey, ambassador of Soltan Hossein Shah of Persia  (Safavid Dynasty) at the Galerie des Glaces of Versailles on 19 Feb. 1715.

A fictionalized account of this historical meeting was depicted in a French Film entitled "Angélque et le Roi" (1966) starring Sami Frey in the role of the Persian Ambassador seduced by a French Courtisan Angelique portrayed by Michelle Mercier. Also featuring in this film is Robert Hossein (son of famous music composer of Iranian decent Andre Aminollah Hossein) in the role of Jeoffrey de Peyrac the enigmatic husband and love interest of the beautiful Angélique. Jacques Toja plays King Louis XIV of France.

Shah Abbas The Remaking of Iran: British Museum

Safavid Art (Not Embeded)


Ottomans Vs Safavid (Not Embeded)


Versailles & Louis XIV


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Corrected ! ;0)

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Thank you for the feedback. I had found two different names in a French encyclopedia with overlapping dates and chronologies that were misleading: One being Tahmasp II and the other Shah Abbas both of which were wrong. Thank you for your pertinent reference. Bakhtiary Beg also appears under the name of Reza Bay in other bibliograhical sources.

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Correction please!

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Dear Mr Kadivar,

Thank you for your nice post. I found a few details that would need amendment like the name of the ambassdor and the Savid King he represented. Please see this: